T.S.F Ensignia

Trussia Security Force Ensignia

"We of the T.S.F are Fighting today so we may secure a brighter tomorrow"- Romulus Claw

The Trussian Secuirty Force is comprised of a genarmerie which is under controlled by Trussian Juducial and Executive branch and tasked with maintaining order throughout Trussias Galactic territories. In addition act they as the governments internal security force within Trussias various territtories and cities. They are led by Grand Officers who are the commanders of various police districts spread across the Trussian Galaxy.

Trussian Security Force Officers serve as the Trussian governments main tool to enforce and uphold the laws and to punich those those who break them by
Black n blue

T.S.F Police Badge

arresting criminals and rebels. In addition T.S.F Officers form the bulk of all Law Enforcement personal and serve a variety of roles. Such as galactic customs, guards, and local authorities tasked with patroling and making arrests.



The Trussian Security Forces Formal Headquarters is within the Trussian Captiol Itself.  The Structure itself that
TS.F HeadQuarters
houses the Trussian Police Administration is sixty-five stories and houses a large police arsenal, traning center, and it own landing strip for Gunships and Transports Shuttles.  In addition the headquarters also hold a various holding facilities for securing prisoners and conducting interrogations. As well as a large underground railway system that leads to various areas throughout the Trussian Imperial Capitol.

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Low Altitude Assault Transport

Low Altitude Assault Transport

Low Altitude Assault Transport

Carrier Laatc

Low Altitude Assault Transport Carrier

Low Altitude Assault Transport Carrier


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