During the 95th Dynasty, Trussia was in the mist of a massive change within its history. During this time, Trussia was within its first apcolypse.  Suffering and pain reigned throughout the galaxy followed by hundreds of purges killing billions all carried out by the Regime that reigned before the rise of Trussia. From this an individualfromn Trussia Prime, the main Trussian homeworld within the center of the galaxy would lead a massive rebellion. 

Trussian Revolution

This massive rebellion on Trussia Prime would come to be known as the Trussian Revolution, due to the planet it was started on.  From this Trussias first Emperor, James Caesar Timothy, a miner working on the southern hemishere of Trussia Prime would rise and speak out agains the crueltlies happening to his people.  He was targeted for death, but was able to fight back by killing a garrison regiment within his home town. This was down using his fire abilites, the gained after nurisng a blue Phoenic chick back to health. From this he and the Blue phoenix would soon become one and the Phoenix grant him the power of fire. With this power James Caesar would use it against those who brutally killed and slaughtered his people. As the Rebellion began, things were off to an awfull start. James Caesar troops were under equipped and mall nurished. Even from the weapons and supplies they have stolen, from here James and his army would go int hiding until they could strike and the right moment.  Months later, James and his army were ready and they would siege the planets capitol city of Trade Port. From this battle, they would gain a massive following and soon the tide of war was turning. James and his Army, would be known as the Grand Elite and as the planet was soon under his complete control, they gained control of starships, factories, weapons, and farms.  Soon the Grand Elite had grown form a small rebellion toa relentless war machine. Soon they would spread throughout the Capitol Core damaging vital trade routes and taking control of vital systems. Liberating them while others would ally themselves to Trussia Prime and their leader James Caesar. Within less then three years, Trussia Prime now controled the Capitol core. Following 6 more years of conflict, Trussia Prime would soon the three Cores of their Galaxy. Soon their enemy surrendered and they were completly dissolved in the end leaving nothing to the hint of their existence.  In the months and aftermath of the Trussian Revolution, James Caesar was crowned as the Supreme Emperor of Trussian Prime. Their system laid and the center of a new era and and new Captiol was Built, a Senate was created and a constitution was drafted. Soon the worlds that allied themselves to Trussia Prime deliberated and soon joined into a union and thus the Trussian Empire was formed. An empire created for Protection and expansion of science, culture, and liberty to all of its citizens

Summary and Overview


May these Colors represent what we stand for, Gold for God and that he may guide us as the ultimate Authority, BLUE, and the we shall have Law over all that we do! RED, so that we shall have Order is our new world and that we shall stand and be orderly for God and his Plan for us. The Phoenix, our symbol of Unity and that we shall rise from the ashed and be born in Gods Eye! That we may conquer sin and satan with God by our side.-Takota James, upon adopting the Trussian Flag.

The Trussian Military is to Serve, Protect, and Expand the Trussian Empire. It is has highly trained forces paired with highly advanced vehicles and technology. The Trussian Military is composed of three Branches and several specialized Units meant to expand and protect the Trussian Empire. It is a force meant for Expansion, superiority, and greatness, they are both conquers and liberators. At times it is a War Machine while at others it is a tool for peace.  The Trussian Military has several thousands years of Combat and they are a force not just to dealt with but feared.  They currently have stood in a period of 2,100 years of Peace and rest.                                                                          

Though their operations still commence not as much as before but still in order to keep the nation protected. Their Troops can also be deployed at a moments notices, in any of most situations they can be deployed with a response time of just Minutes. 

Military Service is mandatory for all in the Citizens.

The Trussian Military is also not a conscript army, they are full trained and profession for maximum effectiveness. All Citizens serve a certain amount of time within the Military, from a few years to several decades.  This is os that is so that if reserves or additional troops are to be drafted all majorities are ready to go into service from their previous training.

Trussian Ministry of Defense

Flag-designer appspot Trussian Military

Trussian Ministry of Defense



Trussian Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

The Trussian Ministry of Defense (Formally the Trussian War Ministry) was the defense branch of the Trussian Government .  It was created during the Trussian Military Reorganization Act, during the 18th age in order to update and reorganize the militaries governing system.  It is based within the Trussian Capitol at the Trussian Militaries Central Command Center. 


Trussian Military and Armed Forces are organized into highly trained and professional fighting and defense force. In addition they were quite formidable on the battlefield whether it would be on the ground or in the air.  All Branches and divisions of the Trussian Military are under command of a lead officer that oversee all operations for the that unit and communicate with the other branches and division into one unified command system that is all centralized.  With this system the Trussian Military is highly organized and efficient in its moves and tactics whether be on the battle field or helping those in need from a disaster. 

Trussian Military Order


Trussian Military Insignia

The Trussian Military and Armed Forces has a unified command structure that controls and oversees the entire military system as a whole. It is made up of a strict hieracrchy system created during its foundation to establish loyalty, discipline, andobedience among its ranks.

Treason and disobedience will not be tolerated and any found will be taken care of through execution or reeducation. Trussian soldiers from this are strict and effective in battle from this.

Those among the ranks of the Trussian Military are ready to serve God and Emperor and will do anything it takes to fight for their home and galaxy.  So much that they will fight to the death and never retreat nor surrender. 


Supreme Military Commanders

Emperor: Absolute Commander and Chief over all Trussian Military and Armed Forces

Supreme Grand-Master: Second in Command over all Military Branches, Divisions and operations (appointed by the Emperor.)  The lead the Militaries Forces and oversee all operations as well as they serve and answer only to the Emperor as well as they have a seat on the War Counsel as an Elder.

Supreme War Minister:   This person is the leader of the War Counsel and its Delegation to the Military. They are one of the longest serving  military officals and most experienced soldiers that ever served in the Trussian Military forces.  The Supreme War Minister serves under the the Supreme Grand Master and the Emperor.  They are the three most high ranking military leaders and have some the most power and influence in commanding the military and its operations.

War Minister:  These Ministers are either appointed or elected high ranking Military Officials on the Trussian War Counsel, they oversee the Military, its operations, and its currents status as a whole.  They lead as the high ranking advisers and combat leaders to make sure all Branches are effective for combat and defense. As well as the State of the Military in that all soldiers, branches, bases and equipment are up to date and effective.  In addition they use their status, Combat knowledge, and experience as major contributing factors to help the Emperor to help lead and advise over all the Military Forces. In addition the War Ministers are also some of the longest serving most battle hardened soldiers in the entire Trussian Military.  Because of this they have climbed through the ranks to serve their Emperor and Empire in combat in one of the most powerful armies ever created. They help in advising and leading the army as a whole.  In addition they are of

Branch Commanders

Supreme General:  Leader of the Trussian Republican army (Trussias Primary Ground and planetary Forces)

Supreme Admiral:  Leader of all Naval Fleets and operations within the Trussian Empire and the United Union

Grand Air Marshal:  Leader of the entire Air Force

Special Forces Command Leaders

Phoenix Commander:  Leader of the Feared and Mighty Grand Elite.

Imperial Field Marshal: Head of the Trussian Imperial Army

Imperial Air Marshal: Leader of the 416th Legion.

Grand-Master:  Head of the Imperial Rangers

Military Ranks

The following are the types of rank that are used within the Trussian Military and Armed Forces.

Army Ranks

Supreme General


Imperial Grand Marshal

Imperial Field Marshal:

Federal Marshal:










Navy Ranks

Supreme Admiral: Only one position avaliable, the Supreme Admiral is in charge and oersees the entire navy and all fleets are under their command and guidance.

Grand Admiral:  They are some of the most experianced and longest serving command officers within the entire Trussian Fleet. Their service records are the absolute best so for this high ranking position Grand Admirals are put in charge of an entire fleet and speacilized division. This wil usally consist of thousands of ships and millions of crew members.

Imperial Admiral: Imperial Admirals are given command of  larger more uncoventional ships that are to be used platforms for launching invasions and special operations.

Admiral: Admirals are granted to high ranking officials that have achieved a very outstanding service record.  They will be given command of a ship of 1,000 meters or larger and serve within a fleet or designated defense region.

Vice Admiral: Second in Charge of a Vessel spanning 1,000 meters. They are the second highest in command ocer a ship only to the the Admiral of Grand Admiral.

Rear Admiral: This type of Admiral is on the Naval Reserves, they will command a ship and fleet of ships, usually Capitol Class Battle Crusiers when more reserved forces are needed in war or extreme emergencies.

Captain: The top commanding officer of a ship under 900 meters.

Vice Captain. The second in Command over a ship under 900 meters.

Imperial Commander: They are given charge of troops for various attack and defense forces units stationed aboard vessel as well as they are also responsible for managing and deploying securtiy teams aboard their designated vessels .

Chief Officer: Chief Officers are in charge if the bridge and command staff aboard a naval vessel.

Communications Officer: They oversee all Communications from ship to ship as well as jamming, intercepting, and hacking enemy communications on their ships as well.

Command Officer: An officer in this position commands a Certain section of a ship and it protection.  They will also oversee any where from 10-300 Sailors depending on the Class of ship they are stationed on.

Armament Officer: They lead and control the Weapons systems in a certain section of their ship.  They will fire, operate, and maintain a variety and Cannons, Torpedo's and its Armaments. An Armaments officer will also have anywhere from 20-200 Officers under their command:

Armament Sailor:  They work within a Armament sections of a Navy ship such as firing, reloading, and maintaing the various weapon systems of a ship. As well as many serve as gunner on the bridge where they will lock on to a designated target and relay the order to fire to a specific type of weapon system as commanded by their lead officer..

Navigation Officer:  They oversee the ships mapping, location and movement from place to place. Under them will be an addition Navigators in order to keep everything organized.

Navigator: They work on the bridge of a ship and relay key positions of the ship, surrounding area, and any near of far of movement.

Sailor: The lowest ranking position within the navy a Sailor is assigned to any position and conduct any and all grunt work on the ship from maintinance to Combat as they are also trained as foot soldiers

Airforce Ranks

Imperial Air Marshal

Grand Air Marshal

Federal Air Marshal

Air Marshal: They oversee and operate a entire unit of 30 aircraft or more in the Airforce.

Squadron Commander: 

Bombing Commander:

Air Ace:

Squadron Ace:

Bombing Ace:

Craft Sergent:

Graduate G Class

Private A Class

Private B Class

Private C Class

Private D Class


Military Branches;

The Trussian Military consists of three branches of a Planetary Army, Galactic Navy, and a Galatic Airforce.


Regiments active: 50 Armies

Reserve: 1,000 Armies


Regiments Active: 50 Fleets

Reserve: 1,000 Fleets

Starfighter Core

Regiments active: 50 Squadrons consisting of 130,500,000 Aircraft.

Reserve: 1,000 Squadrons

Personel and Active Divisions:


50 Army Units

50 Navy Fleets

50 Air Squadrons

150 Active,

150 reserve

300 in total

Total Active Military Personal: 5,500,000,000 strong- Across the Galaxy.

Total Active Military Reserve: 3,000,000,000-5,000,000,000 currently.-(During major times of Peace.)

'Avaliable Military reserve Power: '50,000,000,000-( During Major War time)

Forces ready to mobilize at a moments notice (Usually Within 5-6 hours):  95,000,000. (25,500 Divisions)

Military Expansion Act

This act if voted by the War Counsel and approved by the Emperor will allow the Trussian Army to expand is forces and navy during times of extreme threats.  Such as in rearming its forces and deploying them within area in our out of Trussian borders.

Divisions authorized by the Military Expansion act:  7,500 Divisions will be created for the military.

Personal: 500,000,000,000 Troops.

Primary Military Regiments:

The Trussian Military operates several regiments each tasked to do a certain job which is to be of the up most importance as well as effectiveness.  Each active Army division operates one of these units in order to keep it consistent and organized.

Tank Regiment

The Tank Regiment operates all tank, APC's, and Vehicles.  Their numbers are in the tens of millions of vehicles they operate, test and maintain for the military.  The push forward as a major factor when either on the Defense or offensive, they are no minor threat but a speeding bullet against their enemies.

Infantry Regiment

Regular and specialized infantry armed with rifles.pistols, grenade/mines, and Rpg's.  Assigned to fight and advance along side Tanks, and take the fight to the enemy at a distance or Paw to Paw if needed.  They are trained to operate in any environment are very clever and can adapt from their training. 

Scout Regiment

Specialized Infantry they go deep into hostile territory armed with only maps, brains and their Rifles on their back. They also have quite and arsenal of high tech survallance gear like robotic drones.  They will scout ahead of other units to get the best position for attack and recon.  They are highly important to any operating as well as quick and stealthy.

Garrison Regiment

Specialized soldiers given the task to protect certain and key areas such as assigned territories and cities put under their command as well as maintaining, fixing,and improving such fortifications as well..  One of the most important key areas under their command are the walls of the Capital city of Trussia, They are one of the first and last lines of defense for such a territory, if needed they will give their lives to defend what they must for the safety and glory of Trussia.

Sniper Regiment

Some of the best troops are assigned to take out lead targets such as commanders and Generals. They will operate on their own with a rifle of their choice. They will be assigned to a given unit or given a target or task to complete. These troops work in teams of two or alone, they are the best for long range shoot outs and fire power. 

Fortress Regiment

This Regiment fortifies any and all positions with heavy Guns and explosives all to keep a strategic position in Trussian hands, they work alongside in many cases with Garrison troops in order to keep territory in proper hands.  Weather that be on the battlefield or in the Cities and its empire.

Artillery Regiment

This Regiment uses large guns for defensive and offensive operations, the Soldiers operating these Guns are highly accurate at any targets.  They operate behind or in front of Tank and Infantry units to clear any objects in front of them. They also use anti aircraft and Sea batteries to attack and defense against incoming attacks.  Training in this Regiment is extensive and  hard as it requires a lot of operation hours to master being in this unit.  Currently 50 Artillery Regiments are in service using a large assortment of Guns, ammunition and specialized tactics.

Logistics Regiment.

This Regiment operates behind enemy lines, they keep up on locations and troop movement so for proper supplies can be equipped to any and all Military positions. They have generations of practice and highly precise in their movements.

Central Command:


Central Command

Central Command

Central Command is the Primary Military Head Quarters of the Entire Trussian Military and Armed Forces. This is Trussians and the War Counsels primary Command base where they run and control the Army.  It is set in an undisclosed Wooden Area in the Trussian Capital City. It spans many millions of miles  and has Millions of Soldiers, Air fields, and bunkers as well as being the Trussian Empires Primary Military Headquarters.

As the Emperors and MilitairesMain Command Post the Central is heavily garrisoned and defended in the most heavily armed City in Trussia. It has never fallen but has constantly changed in construction to fit the ever growing changes of the world around it.

The Primary Staff here are all Supreme Branch Commanders, War Ministers, Communications Officers and Map readers tasked with positioning and keeping track of the Trussian Military and their enemies movements. One of these great Features includes the Bio Scanner built into soldiers Uniforms. The Scanners can trace, Soldiers Positions/ movements as well as keep track of their health and communicate if any member has gone missing. With this System at the Central alone millions of Lives have been saved!

The method of how they act and do things at the

The Central Command Facility

Central is also amazing, thanks to Communications technology drones and droids that are deployed can literally give a 3D Reality to the Staff at the Central. As well as with the technology given any Commander can see the battlefield as if they were there but be at a safe distance where they can remain safe. This leads to major figures in the army from being captured, hurt, or even killed. These types of Technologies and Methods are still being used and advanced but yet this is a major factor in many recent victories for the Military. So much that many T.I.C Agents from Trussias Espionage Branch are now using the Facilities for a safe strategic Location for their agents. T.S.F had built something similar called Strategic Defense Command which it is based off of in which to complete their policing duties with  the help of a high tech system.

Now for such a large base the Central has many buildings and structures many of them in underground Bunkers. The Centrals Lowest Level is 10,000 stories underground, it has literally been called the Underground City, because it can hold a huge population that can hold out and survive for years. The Bunkers can grow and process Food, such as meat, fish, and grains/fruits. Even an Underground Railway System and highways for trucks and vehicles can used for troop movements have been built to a large extention. The Central also lies within a large Mountainrange, where it can store an auxiliary Air force, complete with Star-Fighters, Bombers, and Transport Thuttles/Gunships and many other craft. The Central is simply a fortified Military ready for any situation at any time.

Defending this most strategic of bases is the Outer Walls of the Capital as its first line of deense, as well as that line Anti-aircraft Gun and Missiles. This will repeat itself if any enemies were to draw in Closer. One of the main Defense points for the Central itself is that it has a large Acid Plasma Shields developed by Bio Tech Industries. The Shield will cover the base in a invisible Dome, so if any Troops on ground head for it with vehicles or simply walk through it they will burn alive from the acid and the vehicles will explode as will Aircraft of any size. Moving In is the Structure Itself such as the building classified materials and underground bunkers. The Central also has a fleet of Aircraft and Tanks as well. Another system is the Defense Grid which controls the Nukes and WMD. That of which because of the Centrals constructing will hold, Military within the base will use them if needed. Yet that will be after they use S.A.M Missiles and Battery guns built on the base in secret positions. such as Underground and in hillsides. Also taking into the consideration that Radar scans 45/7 in Trussian time.

Another Reason for the Central is that it is the be the Nations auxiliary Capital City ruled by the Military and T.I.C. This will happen if the Capital were to ever fall or Code 55 (City destruction would be activated). Which would level any portions of the entire City if needed in order to keep Trussia under proper rule.

The Central Arsenal

The Central is home to one of Trussias Armies Largest Military Arsenals and bunker systems. In total the Central is reported to have a possible 50 underground levels with an order to build an adition 500-1000 may be under the primary structures.  What ever the case, the Central has a huge Arsenal at its Disoposal, this makes it another strategic point in the Trussian Capitol City.  Its arsenal has several Tanks, Guns/munitions, food/med supplies, and Aircraft in the tens of Billions of tons.  Much of it was a security of Assurance so that the Army and its Central Command are ready and prepared for any possible situation or senario.  As well as with the billions of Weapons are also vast amounts of stored Food and Medicine which can last an estimated 1.5 million year depending.  This is from an Inventory Census is it may or may not be true but yet there is a lot on reserve.  This makes the Trussian Capitol one of the most heavily fortified Cities through out the entiree Trussian Empire.  Even if a enemy force was able to stroke the Capitol their advance would not last long or at all.

So because if this Highly secured Arsenal and that the Central serves as a secondary Capitol City this means Takota and is Nation will last for many Generations even beyond where it is now.  It is established so that Trussia will never fall but survive as well.

Galatic Defense Grid: Trussian Tactical Defense Unit

This Branch is a part of the Trussian Tactical Defense Unit in charge if relying communications as well as in charge of the Trussian Weapons of Mass Destruction.   They relate to main Land Bases as well as Weapon Platforms and Navy and Sky Armada Ships equipped with WMD capabillities.  They keep track on Movements and give alerts if their bases or any of the Weapons go online for any Reason.  Their Main Control Room is 555 Stories under ground and houses 135 Staff Full time.  They are equipped in Radiation exposure and Nuclear Science as well as Ballistics in order to make every Weapon effective.  As well as The Emperor has a Direct Line to them to order Attacks and he also has a Control Modual on him at all times in order to activate any WMD at a moments Notice.  Do not mess with this Tactical branch, the Weapons of Mass Destruction have many capabilities.

WMD Procedures

When the N.D.G is on high alert the will mobilized four Procedures od weather they must ingage and deploy Weapons or if they must be on the alert of an attack.   They will target and wait for following Intelligence for the word weather to commense engagement or not.

Defcon 4: A Warning has gone out to the Central Command and the N.D.G has been activated and alerted  to a situation, from here they will wait further Instruction.

Defcon 3: Upon Further Instruction All Bases have been alerted of the full situation and are approved to have all systems go online and target the designated threat.

Defcon 2:  New Inteligence has been given and the Situation has gone from cold to hot and imposing attack is in sight.  Nuclear weapons have been Targeted and aimed now they are to be armed for lauch if Given the Word by the Emerperor or a authorized Commander.

Defcon 1:  The Situation has gone from bad to worse and Nukes and WMD are Targeted, aimed and now being Launched to the imanant threat.

WMD Types

These are stationed at undisclosed basis across the Trussian Empires and its a joining Worlds as well as some are equipped on Ships and Weapon Platforms for in the Field if Needed.  The Following is a list of specific Weapon the G.D.G has and will deploy and any moment if Needed.

  • Thrmo Nuclear Weapons
  • Atomic Bombs
  • Nuclear Bombs
  • Hydrogen Bombs
  • Supernovas: This weapons has the strength of a actual supernova and can destroy entire fleets of hundreds of planets at one time.
  • Each and many are over 50,000 Tak-Tons and can cause a planets infinite destruction
  • Bio Weapons
  • 'Chemical Weapons':  Though not used as much, a Trussian Chemical Weapon will break down a Societies health and its stability.  This is down through many horrific Chemicals Trussia has developed that can be spread through a Missile or even a Released through a rat in an enemies city or base.   The National Defense Grid develops new Chemicals in it base as well as Counter measure and cures if the Empire were ever to be exposed itself.  So far a Universal Cure now exist that prevent any Enemy from infecting the.   One Unique system the G.D.G Created is a mass called the "Tri-oxes Cloud", a living Bio Weapon the is unstopable.  Once released the Cloud will adapt and consume its Pray.

Laser Weapons

The Trussian Empire has a large arsenal and weapons programs involving lasers.  These systems are highly advanced and very dangerous when put inot use.  The Trussians have equipped them for use on ship, fighters, or even versions made for small arms for it vast infantry divisions.

Defense systems

'Trussia has many drones, satellites, and planetary defense systems stationed' throughout its Empire, many are self-propelled and are equipped with High Powered Lasers.  This can be used and equipped in a number of ways, such as  placed Satellites over an area of Interest. The N.D.G can keep survallence over these areas and have fire power in place if ever needed.

Nitrogen Bomb

This Weapon uses Liquid Nitrogen as a weapon.  It is configured in a number of ways but what is can do is once released it will cause an area of any kind to freeze to minus -7,984 degrees and will cause instant death and destruction.  This is by far a perfection of Trussian Weapon systems.

Helium and Hydrogen Weapons.

Since many Gas Giants exist in Trussia, the Military have mined and developed many ways to create Weapon systems from these two elements.

One of these Weapons that uses Hydrogen is configured into a Fire bomb. Once released on a Planets Surface the Hydrogen will be released then a Gas the counter acts to the Hydrogen in turn will create huge flame of Fire that will spread for miles.

Trussian Imperial Military T.I.M


Trussian Imperial Army Flag.

Supreme Head: Trussian Emperor

Imperial Field Marshal:  Boris Nikalia


The Trussian Imperial Army was the first truly established Military force of the Trussian Ascendency and later the Trussian Empire and and finally the United Union under the Primary Union Governmental system. It was made up of Legions of Imperial Commando Troops as well as they used a large arsenal and assorments of advance weapons and ships/vehicles.  Their Troops were some of the best ever trained for the Trussian Galaxy as well as thier ability to carry out tactics and objectives without question.  Some of their best tatics in battles were Mass Offensives in combat as well as hit and run/gorrilla tactics as well.

They were the First and perhaps greatest force of Trussian Soldiers for the Imperial Military that Trussian ever fielded.  The first and truly establshed Military Force to protect, expand, and serve Trussias government and its intersts.  As the Trussian Empire became the Trussian United Union and the Army was reorganzied from an "Imperial Force" to an "Army of the Republic".  Another artribution that is strange it that many of the Soldiers of the old Imperial Army are still serving in the Republican Forces. As well as since Trussia is now a United Union it is still refered to as an Empire because it still contains huge amounts of territory either from Annexation or Colonization. This is thans kto the old Imperial Era of Trussian

In Combat the Trussian Imperial Forces were highly trained and effective, every other branch and force in the military exsisted under them.  They were first formed during the Trussian revolution.  From this they showed bravery and loyalty.  No matter what the situation they fought to the death if needed.   They would be equipped with AK-47's and and a variety of other weapons and gear.  They could take the fight to the enemy and put down any threat.  As well as their primary Purpose is to expand and protect the Trussian Empire.  The way they would expand would be either in Knowledge, territory, or resources all put into the Empire to make is grow and prosper

Active Personal:  Reorganized

Vehicles: Transitioned to the T.R.A Arsenal

Trussian Imperial Infantry Soldier

Weapons:  Transitioned for T.R.A Usage

Tactics: Mass Offensive/Defensive and hit and run Gorilla tactics.

Flags: The Flag of the Imperial Trussian Military is "blue" which is representing that they have the right to control and have Power over all worlds, resources, and  beings.  The "Red Circle" represents that Trussian Culture is the center of all cultures!.  The Phoenix shows that there flames is at the heart of their power which can never be put out.  This would be put on all Flags, gear, and Vehicles to show their power and presence.  The "Imperial Army" was reorganized to "The Army of the Republic" which was to serve under the Trussian Empire as a new structure force because of its new agendas.

Future Plans

Do to the "Trussian Imperial Army" was never really disbanded but reorganized many within the Senate and War Counsel are in debate weather or not to fully recreate the T.I.M under a new structure and as a special Operations Branch for special missions.  Resources are read and avaliable to do so such a task as well as the plan for its ranks would be mainly consist of new Clone Commando Troops. Though in recent time it is still under debate and deliberation.

Trussian Republican Army


Trussian Republican Army Flag


T.R.A Soldier

Supreme Head: Trussian Supreme Emperor

Supreme Commanding General: Grandmaster


The Trussian Republican Army are the primary ground forces for the Trussian United Union.  They are a highly trained and highly effective force meant to overwhelm the enemy and expand Trussian influence and protect its borders, Citizens, and Interests for Trussia and across its empire.  They are conquers and liberators and composed of Infantry, Tanks, Artillery units and Attack Gunships. They use effective Tactics and aggressive strategies as well as superior Numbers while on the battlefield. There primary purpose.Objectives is for the defense of the inoccent and the defense for the soverignty of Trussia.  The T.R.A itself formed during the last century of the The Seven Centuries War and repelaced the dated Imperial Forces, This was when Trussias hunger for conquest was changed and the cal for defesne was needed more following the War.  So within the 18th Age the T.R.A offically replace aas the name for the fromally Imperail Forces of Trussia, In the aftermath they were deployed and peacekeeping mission and humanitarian operations to keep Trussias population, protected and fed.  They are some of the most modern and well respected forces within the Trussian Military and armed forces.

As well as superior Numbers  the T.R.A also uses highly Advanced technology as a part of its arsenal for attack and defense so nothing can stand in their way. In addition their training is intense and brutal as it is based off of previous Trussian Imperial Army Standards and a huge combination with the Grand Elite tactics as well.  Military service is anywhere from one to five years. The various solders within the ranks can advance and be based and severla points throught Trussian for its defense.


T.R.A ground soldiers are equiped with T-64 Battle armor, with full head helmets and visors. Their Armor can withstand most radiation, projectile and energy weaposn such as laser from blasters. In addition their suits can also filter out smoke and posion and their helmets can be equiped with night vision.

The Typical T.R.A Soldier is a anthro equipment With Trussian being as wealthy as it is and being able to field a large army their forces are very well equipped from weapons and technology to gears and vehicles.

T.R.A Infantry Weapons



Ak-95 Variant

Ammunition: 7.62/39mm Armour Piercing/explosive====

Rate of Fire: 700 RPM

Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds.

Ak-95 Variant:  This is the Primary Infantry Weapon used by th T.R.A. it is a highly modified and more  power version of AK-47.  It has a powerful 7.62/39 Explosive/Acid round that can penatrate most enemy armour/ targets with deadly results.

T-357 Arrow


T-357 Arrow

Ammunition: 45 Colt ACP

Rate of fire: 700-900 RPM

Magazine Capacity: 50 Rounds

T-357 Arrow:  This is the Standard Issue Submachine Gun of the T.R.A Infantry and Tank/Artillery crews.  It fires a 45 ACP round the same as their Colt 45. It is very powerful and deadly as well in the hands of a fuly trained T.R.A Trooper nothing can stand in their way.  As well as its ammunition is can highly explosive or armour piercing rounds. SO most enemy armour and soldiers will be cast aside from the firepower of this weapon. 

TKR General Purpose Machine Gun


TKR General Purpose Machine Gun.

Ammunition: 7.62/54MM

Rate of Fire:  700-900 RPM

Magazine Capacity: 100 Round box Magazine. 100-500 Belts

TKR: The TKR is the T.R.A's Primary General Purpose Machine Guns, it is left over from Imperial days but is still going strong.  IT features a 7.63/54 MM Cartridge.  It is build along the same design as the Ak-47 so it is rigged and reliable.  IT has been used in every single War Trussia fought since the 15th age, it is highly dealy and effective.

Murder Gun Model 45

GAU-8 Avenger

The Murder Gun. Model 45

Ammunition: Varies

Rate of Fire: 5-10 thousand rounds

Ammunition Capacity: Mulitple Calibre and Laser Bolts

Murder Gun: Simply designated the Murder Gun, this Gattling design was perfected by Bio Tech Industies and fielded by the T.R.A in the 18th age.  This is by far the most powerful Gun they have in its arsenal, is uses a variety of ammunition and simply cuts down anything and everything in is path. 

Colt 45 Auto


Colt 45 Auto

Ammunition: 45 Colt ACP

Rate of Fire: 900 RPM.

Magizine Capacity: 30-50 Rounds

Colt 45 Auto:  The Colt 45 Auto this variant of the orginal Colt 1911 as it is a favorite with Infantry and Tank/Artillery crews.  It is highly modified and designed as it hold up to 50 round and ammunition and can fire 3 round burts.  It is a primary choice as well as can over power enemies in close quarters. IT is also highly accurate and made from high quality materials. This is alos the same gun Robo Cop uses, Trussia modified it for the 45 ACP round.


DC-15 Blaster Carbine

DC-15 Blaster Carbine

Ammunition: Laser Cartridges

Rate of Fire: 700 Rounds per Minute

Magizin Capacity: 500 rounds

Trussian Ground Vehicles

M1 Abrams-2ndArmDiv-Demo-SAr83

M95-29 Abrams Variant

M95-29 Abrams Variant

This is one of the main tanks for the T.R.A. It features a 120mm main Gun and a Trussian 5,550 Hospower Engine.  It is well armored and very mobile.  Current production is at 5,000 as well as it has seen action throughout the 700 Years War and currently is present day.


T-80-55 Variant

T-80-55 Variant.

Another one on the T.R.A's main battle tanks the T-80 is massed produced for mass offenses and miltary operations where they are to overwhelm the enemy.  It feutures Trussia Black Ruby Titanium Armor and a 125mm Main gun.  Currently in service and in Production is at 50,000+.  Trussia loves Russian made and designed tanks for their durability, simplisity, and ability to be mass produced.  All Trussian Variants are build with a Hob, 365 12cylinder Hydrogen Engine the has 3,422 Horsepower.  IT is highly Mobile and highly dangerous.

T34-76 model41 2

T-34-120 Variant


The original T-34 build and pushed into service by the Soviets in 1940 and became one the best tanks of World War 2 for its Simplicity, firepower, and ability to be massed produced. It is because of these attributes that the Trussians adopted into their service during the War Era. Trussian Variants featured upgraded Armor and a smooth-bore 120mm Main Gun. IT also received upgraded computer systems for targeting superiority. So far its main advantage is to overwhelm the enemy. It carries a large portion of its strength in numbers. So far 4.5 Billion were reported to be built after the 700 Years War. From there it saw extensive Service for many more years across many worlds of Trussia and fought in many more conflicts in deployments.  Many Garrison forces use it as well as upgrading them is dirt cheap. The T-34 has become one of the primary back bones of the Trussian Militaries Tank Fleet and will see many more centuries of service.


All Terrain Tactical Enforcer adopted by the Trussian 5th 416th Legion Infantry Low Altitude Assault Core. First Used in the War against the Taldarans.

All-Terrain-Tactical-Enforcer AT-TE-Variant 65:

The AT-TE was a design first used by the Galactic Repbulic then Trussian bought design and some variants before the outbreaks of the Clone Wars.  Afterwards the T.R.A deveolped a program with Bio-Tech-Industiries and completely overhualed the craft foe the armies use.  The model that they ended up with was the AT-TE Variant 65.   This model was given various upgrades to its computer and weapso systems as well as a heavily improved life support system for the crew.  In addition the armor of the AT-TE Variant 65 was now eqiuped with Fire-Ore Alloy.  Espeacilly the Armor in the underbello and sides could now take shels form any angle and anything Trussian Enemies could throw at the.  The weapons on the AT-TE Variant 65 include 4 frontal 50mm Anit Personal Laser Cannons, 2 rear 30mm defesne cannons and a main 125mm Main Gun. Making its a vary dangerous weapon on the battlefield.  The AT-TE Variant 65 also included a Electric shock defesne grid meaning that any threat on the tansk it cal be electricuted off when
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
needed.  As well as the feet from its base model also had magnetic feet.  From this during test runs Trussia could use deployment craft and land the AT-TE Variant 65 in other ships during a battle. This is theroy would work as the enmy vessel would have twice and many problems acounting Fighters, and other Star Destroyers when n a battle.  After field runs the AT-TE Variant 65 proved success and entered service.  ITs first use was during the TRussian-Taldara Wat, 12 were deployed and they proved very effective in battle. The AT-TE are now in current service and surving aside many other tanks and vehicles in Trussian vast tanks fleets.  In total 2,500 units have been built and 250,000 have been ordered for production for the main Military Forces.

Trussian Military Artillery Pieces

Artilery Walker


Artillary Walker

The Artilery Walker itself was a variant of the Galatic Republics designs and modified from the AT-TE Variant 65 from the Trussian model

The Artillery Walker entered service during the 21st age and first used in combat during the Tam rebellion. It provides great mobility, firepower, and presence on the battlefield.  It maintans a crew of ten: 2 drivers, 4 Gunners, 1 Commander 1 Captain(Second in Command, and 2 navigators.

It is armed with a fixed 200 mm main Gun and a secondary 90 mm Support cannon mounted on a turret for infantry support and the vehicles defense.
ATAT Walker


All Terrain-Assault Transport Mark III

After beging in service for less then a decade the AT-AT has massed a fleet of 1,160,000. Serving across the Trussia Empire, the AT-AT has given Trussian Armored and infantry unit a large advantage. Due to the AT-AT size and fore powe, it sends out socilogical warfare while also obliteratin anything in front of it with its massive array of missiles, cannons, and two legions of Infantry soldiers.

Gunships and support craft

Low Altitude Assault Transport

T-40 Gun-Ship

The T-40 Gunship, based off of the Republic Gunship was one of the main troop transports ships of the Trussia Military. It could carry between 30-100 troops based on different variants. It also had a large array of weapons for both offensive and defensive capabilities when going into battle.

Snowspeeder 2

Assault Speeder

The Assault Speeder was a small two seat escort fighter. It was armed with a variety of missiles as well as two large laser cannons. Its primary purpose was to escort T-40 Guns ships while going into battle.

Low Attitude Tactical Transport

Carrier Laatc

Low Altitude Assault Transport Carrier

The Low Attitude Tactical Transport was a variant of the T-40 Gunship.  But instead of tranporting Troops, it would transport support equipment, tanks, supply containers, as well as artillery.  It was comprised of two pilots, and two gunners. As well as featured limited shielding, three laser cannons, and various missiles for defense.

Trussian United Navy

Flag-designer appspot00000

Trussian United Navy Insignia

Supreme Admiral:  Head of Trussias entire Naval Forces.


The Trussian Navy dates back during the early years of the Trussian Galaxy during and after the Trussian Revolution. The Navy at the time was mainly made up of captured or salvaged ships from the Revolution. Trussian hand no ability or means to make its own vessels for a long period of time. Until a long period of expansion and industry, by the time of the 7th and half age Trussia had the means, ability, and wealth to build and maintain major Naval force for its needs. During the 8th age began the building of Trussias Great Imperial Navy, known at the time as the 2nd Great project (The first being the establishment of the Great Trussian Capitol City and Trussias Governmental structure). The Navy had commensed massive building projects across several planets and a new force created

Trussian Naval Sailor

by the Trussian Emperor himself which he would name the Trussian Imperial Fleet. This would be the pride of the new Trussian Ascendency, the Idea was to create a massive dominating Navy that would dominate not just Trussia Prime but the entire Galaxy. This would mean the Trussias had established two main fleets, first being the Home Gaurd and  second being the Incursion. By the 9th age the construction was down and the Trussian Imperial Naval Core known at the time would take to Space to expand and protect Trussia ever growing borders. As for the following years and Wars and battles these ships would be constructed and praised. The Vessels themselves were very modern for their time. The were design as constructed in a Podular fashion. This made the many galactic vessels very fast and well armored while the Incusion Armada ships were as a piece of art. Yet they were fast, durable and lasted for years. The Construction was also simple as through Trussians main ports at Psari-Hon and at its Galactic Capitol. As for these ships of the Imperial Incursions Class forthe Imperial fleets were larger and for the smallest ship was called Vat
Republic fleet TCW

Trussian Naval Task Force.

Cruisers, a medium size Trussian Cruiser would be a Veo-Raptor Class, with a crew of sixty. The absolute Largest of these ships would be called Hakota-Cross Class, they consisted of one million crew, as they were literal Cities in Space. Over 15 Vessels in total of the Hakota-Class Cruiser were built and set into battle after battle. They were armed with heavy laser canons and powerful star-fighters, they were some of the best ships of what Trussia  had to offer as a tribute to their mighty Naval Core.

Trussian Criuser variant designed from the Republic Original version.

Though all would come crashing down and the golden age of the Trussian Navy at least for a time would be gone. As for during the time it was the Closing days of the Elementary Wars. This was many conflicts spanning years, and one of the worst of these was the 4th Defeat. During the 4th Defeat Takota was under a surprise attack and a horrible Battle broke out. The Trussian 45th Emperor and his Commanders had losses on on hundreds of panets and in the air and ordered a retreat. The Trussian Imperial Naval Core was sent in for support and to withdraw troops, but this is where all hell broke lose. At this time The Navy had 10-25 Fleets and support Groups, as they sailed and flew they were engaged in a massive fore fight on all sides and directions. On Land Takota was faring even Worse he and his Armies were caught off and defeat was was in sight. This would lead to the forth defeat, 67 million dead and 27,000 Ships, vehicles and craft lost. The Majority of the Navy had been destroyed and soon a free fighter core was able to clear just enough for Taktoa and the remainder of is forces to retreat. In the aftermath a depression would ensue. Land and Wealth lost, Pup-power was low and moral fared worse. When a census was taken of what was left the horror swarmed the nation as it retreated into an era of isolation to rebuild. In following Ages Trussian would rebuild its army again but its Navy would be a neglected back water of all the Military Forces. The Airforce in return would replace the duties of the Navy as a force to expand and protect territories from the sky. For over 3,000 Years the Navy of Trussia would be almost non existed, the funding and upkeep of the ships would be in a horrible decline.

This would be until the 13th age, Trussian was at a turning point in its history. It was at a point of new Gratitude and wealth it began to rearm and establish itself once again. So the Trussian War machine was on the move. It would not be until the 14th age during the Malitia Campaigns where Trussian would do a huge land grab and it was realized during the war that a Modern Navy needed. During the War the Trussian Army and Air-force for the first time in its history do Island Hopping to grab territory. The Navy at this time was week and was used but early defeats were terrible and costly. From this Takota and his Generals ordered to rearm and modernize the Navy. For the rest of the 14th and into the 15th age Trussia would build a new Imperial Navy then later called the United Navy after the Trussian Military Reorganization Treaty was voted into action. This Branch would become one of the largest forces in the Moder Trussian Military and Armed Forces as a whole, it could not function without it. Trussia promised never again that it would neglect any branch within its own Military again. 

The navy and its history has been long and difficult at times, but its primary focus has always been to patrol and secure Trussian territories.  As well as caring troops and supplies across the vast Trussian Territories and maintaining dominance throughout Trussian Space.

The Navy Sailors range is areas of expertise and experience, they form the back bone for each vessels maintenance, protects, and effectiveness.  They are highly Educated and go through intensive training sessions, situations, and testing to show be prepared for their Service.  As well as service length for the navy can be anywhere from 2-7 Years aboard many hundreds of various planets and naval stations.

A few such personal ca be some such as Engineers to Communications personal as well as Security staff who patrol in smaller ships or boats.  As well as protecting their ship to storming beaches as the infantry.  Every new recruit will be examined then placed into a sections that best fits their skills and contributions to the Navy. Trussia and its United Fleet will continue to grow and advance for the glory to the navy is glory to Trussia.

Trussian Navy Ships


Trussian .TSS Hon


Ship: TSS-Hon

Class: Dreadnought

Fucntion: Heavy Cruiser and Command Ship

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufacturer: Psari-Hon Ship Yards

Engines: 3 Hydrogen-Cell Turbines, 17 rear and bottom Stabilizer Helium-Cell Turbines

Top Speed:  550 Taks (Trussian Equivalent of Not)

Length:  20,000-30,000 Trussian Meters ( In a comparable size is would span from the north to south poles of the planet Earth.

Weapons:  500,000 Long Range Heavy Assault frontal, side, and bottom hull cannons .  300,000 Medium Range defense side and rear cannons.  200,000  Short Range Light Anti-Aircraft Cannons.  1.5 Million Missiles and rocket Launchers.  55,000 Front and Side Torpedoes.

Production: 1 of 1

Crew: 5,000,000 Crew, 15,000 Command Officers  50,000 Air Force Pilots ( Not including additional aircraft).

Aircraft Capacity: 50,000 Defense Fighters  120,000 Additional Military Aircraft,  5,000 Planetary medium assault and landing craft.  4,500 Gunships.

Carrying Capacity:  In addition to its Crew the TSS-Hon (Hon is Trussian for Hub) can carry over a million fully equipped troops and 55,000,000 billions tons of cargo on one level alone.

Bio: The TSS-Hon is to date the largest Trussian War Ship ever built. It feature a large command deck, war rooms, barracks, and various hangers for its many ships.  It is to be of a series of New Capitol Dreadnoughts deployed by the Trussian Government to war torn areas.  It was designed to be a self contained Command Center and state of power for the Trussian Navy in any field of deployment.  With it the TSS-Hon the Trussian Navy could deploy thousands of craft and millions of troops with this ship based overhead.  Upon also notable feature such as it took 72 months to design the Hon, but yet it took only 7 Trussian days to built the Vessel at the Psari-Hon ships yards.   With this in mind, the Trussian Navy could field hundreds of these ships with in very little time..  If such a idea were to come true the T.U.N would crew these massive super ships with Clone Commandos.  In addition the Tss-Hon has incredible fire power and protection for its size as well as speed.  It is very formidable and daring with both size and fire power and any enemy fleet will not be able to match in any field or class.   Currently the TSS-Hon is serving with in the Milky way Galaxy during the Corpus Crises, it is serving as the Command Ship of the 5th Fleet as well as the primary staging and attack vessel if the crises were to goes to an all out engagement.

Phoenix Battle Crusier

Ship: Phoenix Class
Star Destroyer

Trussian Phoenix Class Cruiser

Class: Heavy Battle Cruiser

Function:  Fleet Command Ship/Capitol Ship

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufacturer: Trussian Defense Industries

Engines: 10 Hydrogen-Cell Reactors

Top Speed: 1,350 Taks

Length: 5,000 Trussia Meters.

Weapons: 90,000 Long range Heavy Guns 1,500 Light Cannons. 40,000 Medium Range attack/Defense Cannons.

Production: 11,500,000

Crew: 750,000 Crew.  25,000 Pilots. 15,000 Officers.

Aircraft Capacity: 25,000 Attack/Defense fighters.  1,000 Gunships.  4,000 Supply, support, and landing craft.  3,000 Bombers.  1,000 Short range Escort Fighters.  1,000 attack support Shuttles.

Carrying Capacity: 300,000 troops. 2 Trillion pounds of Cargo.

Bio: The Phoenix Class Battle Cruiser was the first of a new class of heavy navy cruisers designed and put into service buy the new Trussian United Navy.   It has taken much of its influence and design from the Republic Venator Class Star Cruiser and the Galactic Empires Imperial Star destroyer and engineered by the Trussian into a new class of ship.  Upon entering service in the late 14th age the Phoenix class has seen extensive service throughout the Trussian empire and various galaxies.  It has also become the primary symbol of naval power for the Trussian Navy as well as the Phoenix Battle Cruiser serves as the primary Flagship for most Trussian navy fleets.   Do to its size and capabilities the Phoenix Battle cruisers are extremely powerful and extensive in its capabilities and service.

Mentioned Ships:

TSS-Flame:  The TSS-Flame was the lead flagship of the Trussian Emperor.  It served as his mobile Command ship and symbol of power.  It was stationed as the flagship of the Emperors 1st fleet as well as the Lead Capitol ship of the entire navy.   In addition the Emperors Personal Phoenix Cruiser  could be seen in a Blue and red paint finish with a Golden Phoenix painted on it.  It is based at the Trussian 1st Fleet Naval Station in the Trussian Capitols Military district.

TSS-Redeemer:  The TSS-Redeemer was the personal ship of the Trussian Grand Admiral Raider Jones.  It is his Flagship of the T.I.C 10th Fleet which he commanded.  In addition it can be seen as the secondary Capitol ship to the Trussian Fleet because of Raider being a major leader head of theTrussian Navy Defense branch.  As well as Raider named his ship in honor of his fathers who died in service aboard his vessel decades earlier.  With this in memorial Raiders ship and the fleet he commands is based to the Trussian city of the Republic of the North.

Hammer Head Destroyer

Ship: Hammer Head

Hammer Head Escort

Class: Light Escort Destroyer

Functions: Multi role escort/patrol craft.

Galaxy of Origin: Galactic Republic and various other worlds.

Manufacturer: Psari-Hon Ship Yards

Engines: 3 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 34 Taks

Length: 585 Meters'

Weapons: Eight medium laser cannons, mounted on turrets, as well as 4 Torpedo tubes.

Production: 165,000,000 (Serving in the assigned fleets of Trussias three main galactic cores)

Crew: 300-400 depending on variant.

Bio: The Hammer Head is a light escort destroyer used by the Trussian navy as a patrol and support craft for its forces.

Galatic Class Frigate

Ship:  Galactic Class
Republic Cruiser

Class:  Meduim escort Frigate

Function:  Escort/Support Ship

Galaxy of Origin: Galactic Rubublic / Trussiain United Union

Manufacturer: Trussian Defense Industries

Engines: 3 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed:  90 Tak

Length:  786 Meters

Weapons:  Five meidum Laser Turrets/ 6 torpedo tubes/ 5 Misslile Launchers.

Production: 80,000

Crew: 750-900 Depedning on variant.

Bio: The Galactic Class carrier is a series small and medium escort carriers meant to escort and give support to larger navy vessels.

Galactic Falcon Class

ScreenShot 17

Providence/Falcon Class Capitol ship

Ship: Falcon Class

Class: Capitol Ship

Function: Fleet Command Ship/Starfigther and troop carrier

Galaxy of Origin: CIS and several other powers then converted by Trussia navy

Manufacturer: Fire-Ore Galactic Naval Shipyards

Engines: 6 Hydrogen Turbines/ 3 Auxilary Turbines and various stablilizers

Top Speed: 550 Tak

Length: 2,000 Meters

Weapons: 300 Defense Laser Cannons.  10 Super Cannons.  600 Starfighters+multiple other attack craft.  2 Heavy Ion Cannons  102 Proton torpedo tubes.  14 quad T-Laser Cannons,  34 Dual Laser Cannons.

Production: 250,000

Crew: 10,500 Crew 1,500 Officers

Bio: Based on the old Providence class ship, the Galactic Falcon Class entered service after nearly a decade of trial runs with various prototypes.  The Falcons were to function as a hybrid ship between a fleets command vessel and a troop/starfighter carrier.   It was heavily armed and armored which gave it praise over the venator class star destroyers.  The Galactic Falcon Class featured a huge centrally located hanger in its hull.  From its hanger it could carry 600+ fighters as well as multiple other support, transport, and multi role aircraft.  In addition it can carry up to 250 vehicles and 15,000 fully equipped troops and if needed it could also accomadate up to 50,000 troops.  In recent years of its service it had become a huge favorite among its crew and officers.  The Galactic Falcon Class itself though has never been in a real conflict though do to recent peace times.  Though it is believed it would be huge advantage if it is ever to face ship on ship combat with a worthy adversary.

Molevalance Class Super Carrier

Malevolence strzela
Ship: Molevalance Super Carrier

Class: Dreadnought

Function: Capitol ship

Galaxy of Origin: Orginally CIS Navy, then adopted desigs buy Trussian United Navy.

Manufacturer: Fire-Ore and Psari-Hon Ship Yards.

Engines: 13 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 680 Taks.

Length: 4,800 Meters

Weapons: Two Large Ion Cannnons capable of disabling an entire ship or fleet of any size.  500 Long Range Heavy Laser Cannons, 200 Short range defense Cannons.  1,200-1,500 Attack, Defense, and Flanker fighers.  400 Droid Fighters, 60 Heavy Y-Bombers.

Productuion: 25,000 ( 50,000 Expected)

Crew: 48,000 Crew, 1,698 Officers, and 6,000 Pilots.

Bio: Entering Service in the 21st age the Molevalance Super carrier was a super Dreadnought built for an all out war awith offensive tactics.  It features as one of the largest ships in the Trussian Fleet, at over 4800 Meters.  Its main purpose is to be an attack ship within the Trussian fleet and give heavy firepower and support for other ships.  One of its best assets, and main reasons for constructtion is its 2 Massive Ion Cannons.  These Ion Cannons themselves when fired can disable entire fleets of ships within seconds. The original planning for this vessel was slow, though it was pushed into costruction ASAP after several debriefings with Trussian Close Allies the StarFleet Pups.   They had warned Trussias Government of the Borg Collective.  As Trussia looked frther into the matter, they realized that if the Borg Collective would attack the Starfleet, and overtake them that the Borg may invade Trussia and attack their worlds.  So from this situation the Trussian War Ministers and Senate voted for the production and stationing of these vessels in strategic points through out Trussian Territoires.  With heavy modifications and strict training a singal Molevalance Carrier can overtake a Borg Collective Cube.  From its Ion Cannons, to its Laser Cannons, as well as the Carriers 600+ Starfighter fleet theses Super Carriers are ready for anything the Borg or enemies can throw at them.

Allegiant Class Star Destroyer

Ship: Allegiant Class

Class: Star Destroyer

Function: Multi Role Destroyer

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian United Union

Manufacturer: Bio Tech Industries

Engines: 5 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 800 Tak

Length: 1,000 Meters

Weapons: 36 Twin Turbo Laser Cannons, Six Heavy Laser Cannons, 32 Light defense Cannons.  250 Aircraft.

Production: 336,555 currently

Crew: 5,500

Bio: The Allegiant class Star Destroyer was a slightly smaller and faster variant of the Venator Class Star Destroyer.  It serves as a support ship and general role navy vessel which includes patroling, exploration, and defense operations.

Insurgent Class Carrier

Ship: Insurgent Class

Class: Starfighter/Bomber carrier

Function:  Support ship for Navy and Planetary Forces.

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufacturer: Bio Tech Industries

Engines:  3 Hydrogen Turbines.

Top Speed: 780 Tak

Length: 1,255 Meters

Weapons: 25 meduim Laser Cannons.  4 Torpedo Tubes.  8 Missile Batteries. 3 Heavy Turbo Lases. 12 Light point defese Cannons. 700-1,200 Fighters and Bombers at any given time.

Production: 90,000 (Stil in Production)

Crew: 10,800 Crew  700-1,200 Pilots

Bio: The Insurgent is in a class all its own, it serves as one of the major Starfighter/Bomber carriers for Trussias navy fleets as well as it serves as a light frigate.  Though its main arsenal is an immense starfighter and bomber force.  Over 1,000 craft of all shapes and size can be deployed at any given time.  Giving and overwhelming edge while in combat.


Federal Star Cruiser====

Ship: Federal Class

Class: Heavy Cruiser

Functions: Long range Patrol.

Galaxy Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufacturer: Fire-Ore Ship Yards

Engine: 7 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 145 Tak

Length: 7,500 Meters

Weapons: 600,000 Heavy Cannons, 1,950 Starfighters, 70 Heavy Bombers. 120 Shuttles, landing, and patrol craft.

Production: 19,650,000

Crew: 900,000

Bio: The Federal Class is a large patrol cruiser grouped in patrol fleets across various Trussian worlds and hyper lane systems.


Defender Class Dreadnought====

Ship: Defender Class

Class: Fleet Defense Vessel

Function: Providing defense for large stationary fleets.

Galaxy of Origin: Galactic Empire the adopted by the Trussian United Union.

Manufacturer: Trussian Defense Corporation

Engines: 10 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 654 Tak

Length: 4,000 Meters

Weapons: 10,000 Twin Meduim Laser Cannons, 50 heavy Laser Cannons, 11,600 Defense Cannons and Flanker Fighters. 4 sphere generations that can produce shields, tractor beams, magnetic force beams, Tysers, and cloaking.

Production: 866,000

Crew: 450,000

Bio: The Defender Class Dreadnought is a slow and heavily armed defense vessel. Its main purpose is to be located next to a Capitol Class Battle Crusier or flagship within a fleets center position. It provides protection for the entire fleet by using its main hull mounted spheres to create a deflector shield around the main course of the fleet. In addition it also can provide and use its sphere as a powerful tractor beam and even use a magnetic force beam which can push carious ships and fire back from the ships position. In addition newer models can even use a large ray to cloak itself and several surrounding vessels.. As well as its Fighter fleets is for the ships defense against bombers and other aircraft trying toe hit is sphere generators.

204880 screenshots 2012-09-09 00035
Vulture Class Star Escort

Ship: Vulture Class

Class:  Heavy Escort Destroyer

Function:  Long range escort for Military and Patrol Craft.

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Maufacturer: Trussian Defesne Industries

Engines: 3 Macro-Hon Turbines

Top Speed: 440 Taks

Length: 1,770-2,550 Meters

Weapons: 1,220 Medium Laser Cannons.  500 Twin Turbo light Laser Cannons,  150 Heavy Laser Cannons

Production: 111,700,000

Crew: 55,000

Bio: The Vulture Class is a heaviliy armored and heaily armed Escort Destroyed meant for long range patrols with larger Naval craft.  It has some of the thickest armor for a ship of its class and size making enemies underestimating this vessel.

Raider Class Medical Station

Kaliida Shoals medcenter

Personal: Up to 40,000 Medical staff

Length: 80,000 Meters

Patient Capacity: 60,000 Standard, can hold up to 120,000 if needed.

Weapons: Up to 40-50 A-T Wing Patrol Escort fighters for medical Frigates. Docked in lower Hanger.  No other Armmaments are avaliable do to space is need for patients and medical supplies.

Ga;axy of Origin: Galactic Republic/modified my Trussian Empire.

M-90 Medical Frigate:  20
Rep Medical Frigate
of these 300 Meter Frigates are equipped with each station.  They are for for the tranportation on injured Troops as well as medical supplies to and from certain locations.


A-T Defense Fighter

The A-T Defesne Fighter was the standard defense armament of a Raider Class Medical stations.  The Fighter itself was combined from a A-wing and a V-19 Torrent Model 45 making this a very strange looking fighters.  Its main purpose was to defend the the medical station and give escort to Medical Frigates to and from Planets. IT hostes a cre of three, which were made up of two pilots and one gunner.  The fighters itself was armed with a Hyper drive engine as well as 4 Front laser Cannons and a large Tri-laser able to cut a ship in half.


CR-90 Corvette

CR-90 Corvette

Ship: CR-90

Class: Escort Frigate

Galaxy of Origin: Galactic Republic, later adopted by the Trussian Empire.

Manufactuer: Trussian Defense Corporation

Engines: Eight Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 500 Tak

Length: 126 Meters Weapons: 8 Laser Cannons

Production: 155,000,000

Crew: 20-50

Bio: The CR-90 is a cheap and easy to produce escort frigate widely used by the Trussian Empire. It has seen action is many proxy wars, as well as used as escort for many larger Capitol Ships. It is also widely used with many planatary navies for defense and patrol operations.

Trussian Capitol Class Battle Cruiser


Trussian Capitol Cruiser

Ship: Capitol Crusier

Class: Capitol Ship

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufactuer: Fire-Ore Ship Yards

Engines: 10-15 Hydrogen Cell Turbines.

Top Speed: Classified Length: 3,500-4,500 Meters

Weapons: 800 Heavy Laser Cannons, 700 Medium Range Laser Cannons, 250 Short Range Defense Laser Cannons. 80 point Defense Cannons, 120 Missile Batteries. 10 Tyser Arrays.

Craft: 800-1500 Fighters, support, and transport craft. Two Consular Class Cruisers. Four Hammer Head Corvettes.

Production: 15,000,000

Crew: 650,000 Bio: The Capitol Class Battle Cruiser is one of the most advance and toughest ships serving in the Trussian Navy. Seen ar the head oof most Trussian fleets, the Capitol Class Battle Cruiser gained a reputation of of Fear from its feats in combat to its vast array of weapons and fighter compliment.


Belgrade Heavy Cruiser

Ship: Belgrade

Class: Heavy Cruiser

Galaxy of Origin: Trussia Empire

Manufactured by: Bio Tech Industries

Engines: Classified

Top Speed: Classified

Length: 6,500 Meters

Weapons: 25,000 Heavy Lasers, 40 Tyser Arrays, 1,500 Medium Range Lasers.

Craft: 65,000 Combat, transport, and support craft.

Production: 800,000

Crew: 1,300,000

Saber Class

Ship: Saber

Class: Light Frigate

Galaxy of Origin: Starfleet Federation

Manufactured by: Fire-Ore Ship Yards

Engines: Hydrogen Cell Core

Top Speed: Classified

Length: 190.5 Meters

Weapons: Tyser Arrays/Hydrogen Torpedos

Craft: None

Production: Classified

Crew: 40


Ship: Acclamator

Class: Assault Ship/Troop Transport

Galaxy of Origin: Galactic Republic

Manufactured By: Fire-Ore Shipyards

Engines: 6 Hydrogen Turbine Engines

Top Speed: Classified

Length: 752 Meters

Weapons: 100 Hydrogen Torpedos. 24 Point Defense Canons, 12 Quad Laser Cannons.

Craft: 156 V-19 Torrent Starfighters, 80 LAAT Gunships, 48 AT-TE, 36 Artillery Walkers.

Production: 700,000

Crew: 700 (Standard) 15-30,000 Troops (Standard within Trussian Variants)

Duck dodgers spaceship
Stingray Corvette

Ship: Stingray

Class: Corvette

Galaxy of Origin: Trussia

Manufactured by: Bio Tech Industries

Engines: 2 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: Classified

Length: 200 Meters

Weapons: 6 Wing Mounted Laser Cannons, 4 Torpedo Tubes, 6 Tyser Arrays

Craft: 2 Transport Shuttles, 2 Asault Shuttles

Production: Classified

Crew: 50

Battle ship
Malice Heavy Cruiser

Ship: Malice

Class: Heavy Dreadnought

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufactured by: Fire-Ore Shipyards

Engines: 20 Hydrogen Turbines power by a Star Core

Top Speed: Unkown

Length: 60,000 Meters

Weapons: Classified

craft: 300,000 Starfighters / transports

Production 8,500,000

Crew: 15,000,000

Troops: 10,000,00 troops plus equipment.

Munificent TCW
Munificient Class Frigate

Ship: Munificent

Class: Light Patrol Frigate

Galaxy of Origin: Sky River

Manufactured by: Fire Ore Ship Yards

Engines: 4 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: 500 Taks

Length: 850 Meters

Weapons: 80 Medium Laser cannons 80 Light Laser Cannons, 105 Point Defense cannons. 6 Twin Turbo heavy Laser Cannons.

Craft: 40 V-19 Torrent Fighters.  20 Droid Fighters.

Production: Classified.

Crew: 250 Standard, (500 Refit variants) (900 fully equipped models)


Execution Class Frigate.

Execution Class====

Ship: Execution Class

Class: Heavy Frigate

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufactured by: Psari-Hon Ship Yards.

Engines: 5 Hydrogen Turbines.

Top Speed: Classified

Length: 950 Meters

Weapons: 80 Heavy Laser Cannons, 10 Nuclear Warheads, 70 Meduim Laser Cannons, 10 Tyser arrays, 4 Torpedo Tubes. 32 Point Defense Cannons

Craft: 45, V-19 Torrent Starfighters.

Production: Classified

Crew: 900


Carolina Class

Ship: Carolina

Class: Light Escort Frigate

Galaxy of Origin: Trussian Empire

Manufactured by: Tolrara Deep Core Ship Yards.

Engines: 3 Hydrogen Turbines

Top Speed: Classified

Length: 80 Meters

Weapons: 32 light laser Cannons 6 Tyser Arrays, 4 Torpedo Tubes

Craft: 6 transports

Production: Classified

Crew: 80

Trussian Starfighter Core

Flag-designer appspot,,,,,,,,,,

Crest of the Trussian Republican Air Force



The Trussia Starfighter Core is the primary airforce regiment of the Trussian Military: They were comrpised of Starfighters, bombers, as well as various transports. Their role is to support ground and naval forces of the Trussian Military during any conflict. In addition to reigning fear and maitaining dominace over any enemies who foolishly thing they can take on the might of the Trussian Empire.


Trussian Starfighters


Clone-Z96 Head Hunter


ARC-170 Mark II



Fang Fighters

M75-A Fang Fighter


Phoenix Starfighter

Tie defender

TIE Defender


T-30 Needle Nose

A-wing DICE


Sith fighter

Sith A-1

ScreenShot 98.2

Y-Bomber (Armored Variant)



X-wing Ultimate




Grand Elite

Grand Elite

Grand Elite Flag


Grand Elite Soldier

Status: Special Forces Unit

Force size: 500,000 strong

Country of origin and Service: Trussia and its Emperor.

Leader:  Trussian Supeme Emperor

Phoenix Commander: Rex Vuldane "2nd in Command"

Most Notable for: Being the ost brutal and most violent unit within the army.


The Grand Elite are the best of the best of the Trussian Military. Generations of training and modification to end up with the perfect Soldier.

Serving in this Unit is is harsh and tough, service requires a 40-50 Years of commitment. It takes Ten years to fully train a Grand Elite Soldier then that soldier will serve another 30 Years in service. Many of the Soldiers already serving are of several Generations. A couple will usually meet and marriage is aloud with in the Unit as well as baring kids. Those Kids will be be given a excellent Education and be well provided for. Many times they will be prepped for service from the environment the were raised in. This alone has give the Grand Elite an edge is training and strength as it is a life long Career for King and Country of which they serve. Originally the Grand Elite were not a full special Forces unit they were the best Soldiers of their hand picked for service. Later on during Trussias rule they would be in one form of another n till 200,000 units were formed into the Delta Force in the 14th age then the Grand Elite was fully formed in the 15th Century. They were for a while also called the Imperial Guard as they were as personal Soldiers and body Guards to the Trussian Emperor. Today they see action in every conflict as the first troops on seen. They also commit Special, and Black Ops for the nation against Enemies for sabotage and Recon. They have been trained to a very brutal extent in order to have maximum Effectiveness.

Another area that makes the Grand Elite a terrifying force is on how they operate and act, they have almost no emotions as well as trained to ignore pain, they also can adapt quickly to most if not any terrain and situation. As well as they are trained on several fields and areas as well as any one Soldier can take the place of another. Such as if a sniper is taken out then the soldier next to him can take his place. IT is abilities like this that makes them keep moving and moving. Their Loyalty is also a contributing factor to its effectiveness, they are to Serve the Emperor as their Commander and Chief, they even serve as Body Guards, their second in Command will be appointed by the Emperor and severe as long as he sees fit.

Grand Elite Doctrine

The best of the best, the greatest of the great, we are to be feared beyond fear itself!! As we are the fear we put in your soul!!  We are not dead or alive we are nothing but the Force of Good sent to destroy Satan and his Followers!  Nothing can stop what is no there and we are everywhere.  We hunt for sport and Hunt for fear, and not just any Fear You FEAR!  If you wish to fight us just stop and think, we Know ALL, See ALL, and Hear All.  Do not just be afraid because we will put you and way past that line. We are Perfection!!, The Solution!!! The Ultimate Soldier bread to Slice and Dice out enemies, anytime and anywhere.  So look out and be dead before we make you Dead!

Be the Best We are the Best Grand ELITE!!! To the last Bullet, To the Last Breath, To the Last Pup We Fight!!! We Fight!!! We Fight!!!


The Grand Elite carry a variety of highly tested and proven Weapons.  Many ranging from classic to highly advanced

Guns and Blades


Uzi 9MM

Uzi ACPP34 Variant:  A favorite of the Grand Elite The Uzi is their go to Submachine Gun offering a compact package IT also offers a high rate of fire of 600-700 RPM, it is also able to be concealed for the Soldiers as well as very durable. IT fires a 9mm cartridge, as well as this one is carried by Body guards, Parachute Troopers, and tank crews. IT is one of the best and most mast produced Weapons for the Grand Elite. They could adopt more modern designs but because the Uzi has been in service so long, they keep in in service as ong as it is still around



AK-47-95-T Variant:  One of the greatest Rifles of all time, the off course was chosen for the Grand Elite, it was cheap, rugged, easy to produce, as well as so wildly available the Unit pushed it into service. It can operate in any conditions, such as Ice, dirt, sand, Mud, and Snow and no matter what is thrown at it the AK will still fire. Trussian Modifications brought better quality ammunition, production, and better accuracy. Compared to an already proven platform the Trussia Ak-47 Model-95T was the prime choice for the Grand Elite. They use it as their primary and only Assault Rifle, any and all Wars/conflicts the Grand Elite fought in, they went into battle with the Ak-47 in hand. It chambers a 7.62 by 39 MM bullet and fires 600-700RPM, in the hands of the Grand Elite this weapon will cause more damage then any bomb or tank.

651px-Firewall 006

Colt 1911 45 ACP

Colt 1911 45 ACP:   Another proven Platform courtesy of the United States, the 1911 Colt 45 ACP was Chosen because it was already in service with the regular army. As well as it features the best amount of stopping Power as well as configurations. The Grand Elite took to it with Love at First Sight. It Fires a 45 ACP Cartridge and features excellent stopping power as well as has a 8 round Magazine. Later Models built by Bio Tech Industries and Trussian Defense Industries updated the Pistol and made it with a new 10 or 15 round Magazine it 6th-7th Generation configurations. Other models also feature a new 2 round burst feature for those needing more rapid Fire power as well for the Grand Elite.

Bowie knife 1 0

Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife:   A all around well Known knife, Then Grand Elite used the Bowie knife along with Multiple other Blades. This Knife was chosen during the early days of the Unit because it was wildly available and easy to use. Though a bit faced our a few Grand Elite Commandos can still be seen caring one of these blades. Others were adopted an used as primary Bladed weapons but the Bowie is still a classic for the Grand Elite.


Mandalorian Blaster Pistols/Bio Tech Industries Thunderbird 2nd Generation

Mandalorian Pistol/ Thunderbird Variant 2nd Generation: Picked up by the Grand Elite during Mandalorian engagements hundreds of Mandalorian blaster Pistols were acquired and pushed into Service as a Secondary of Primary Weapons for a Grand Elite Soldier. It was later called the Thunderbird as a nickname by the Grand Elite, this Pistol has become a favorite among them, Law Enforcement and on the local Market as well. It was later produced by Bio Tech Industries in a 2nd generation in which brought many Modifications such as 300 round Plasma Charge capacity as well as a series of new Military Rifles and Carbines. IT fires a blue Plasma Bolt and from reports from the Soldiers it has amazing reliability. Most Grand Elite are now getting more modern Blasters like this one as a Standard Issue or as an Optional Sidearm over the Colt 1911 45.


VSK-94 Sniper Carbine

VSK-94:  The VSK-94 is a Grand Elites favorite in Urban Warfare and Black ops, it is light and short making it perfect for such a task. IT fires a 7.62 by 39 Round and it has a fixed Silencer on the barrel


Blastech Pistol

Blastech Pistol:   Built by Blastech industries in the Star Wars Universe abd issued to the Clone Army during the Clone Wars this Pistol was obtained in large numbers Trussia picked up on it and field test, modified, and start manufacturing them and simply called it the Blastech based after the original Company. The Grand Elite looking to expand and modernize its arsenal took a liking to the Blastech, they bough many ad used it as an Optional Side Arm along with the Thunderbird and the Colt 1911 45. The Advantage it has is excellent stopping power and a 250 Shot Charge capacity. Soldiers in the field have reported that it is great in a shootout and commented how it never runs out of ammo as well.

DC15x battlefront

DC-15 Sniper Rifle

DC-15 Sniper Rifle: A long range Laser Rifle, this was adopted by the Elite for Long range Shootouts. IT fire 6 Laser bolts and can reach up to 5 miles, as well as it has several options for Scopes and Targeting systems, the Elite has used this since the 15th age. IT was borrowed from the Clone army as well, as it also looks like a Mg-42


Full View of A Grand Elites Armor and helmet

Uniform and Armor

When going in any Terrain or Situation the Grand Elite use a full Body suit as well as light but full tactical Armor and a full Helmet with tinted Visor. The Body Suits underneath offer comfort and protection from any element as well as excellent Protection against radiation and chemical attacks of exposure. This was based and designed from many mistakes and experiences over the years and decades. The Grand Elite took their time to develop this Uniform and armor system because every Soldier should fight to their last breath. Another interesting feature of the Body suits is that they feature a Trussian Bio Scanner. SO what this means is that the suit itself has self intelligence and can detect the outside conditions and adapt itself to the perfect temperature to keep the soldier in the most comfortable way possible. As well as the suit can detect the Soldiers Vital Signs and refer this back the Central Command and the staff at the Central can keep track of all Soldiers as well as their health and well being while they are in the field. Moving on the to the primary Armor it is light wait but very tough and Durable. The Trussian Grand Elite Armor is made from to main materials, the first is Trussian Red Ruby while the second is Trussian Black Diamond. Both of these Materials combined form some very light but thick armor which can take a 50. call bullet as well and explosion. Pair this with the Boy suit a Trussian Grand Elite Soldier can walk in a hail of Gunfire and they will not fall or even be effected by it. They will still be moving and in a psychological way a enemy Soldier will feel nothing but terror because as they keep firing and their weapons are seeming somewhat ineffective. Faced with this reality they will retreat, even a grenade will only stun a Grand Elite at most and paired with their training and inability to feel pain the Grand Elite is immune and in a way the perfect Soldier.

Squads: Grand Elite Troops are grouped in various speacial units from Recon the Blackops operations.  While on full Military attack they are in Units of 50-10,000. They do not play fair and care about their enemies, Their purpose is to accomplich their mission and let nothing stand in their way. 

Typical Squads have between 5-20 troops while larger one have units up to 10,000.  Everything they do while conducting missions is well thought through and then carried out.  They are precise as they are Deadly, so stand down or die.

Grand Elite

Grand Elite Commando Squad

Grand Elite Commandos going into battle

Flag-designer appspotmmmmmmmmmmm

Grand Elite Insignia

Flag The Grand Elites Flag is also the Mark that is on their Uniforms, Armor, Tanks, and Aircraft. IT Shows who they are and it is their symbol! The Insignia is based off of the Trussian Flag with the Blue, Red, and Gold. It stand for Freedom, Sacrifice, and Obedience to God. As well as the Blue Phoenix which is their Symbol of Strength.


Bol-Dak: Trussian for Boom, this is a highly explosive Poser created by Trussian Defense Industries. IT is Trussia version of C-4 with a mix of Gunpowder look. What makes Bol-Dak unique is that it can be detonated by a Radio signal designed and that reacts to it. This mean that is has a huge concealment and fear factor. Such as Gran Elite Soldiers could slip into a enemy city and hide as Workers of any kind. They can sneak in the Bol-Dak and since it looks like sand the amount they can transport is terrifying. A Sandbag filled with 50 pounds or so can destroy 9 city blocks or up to a miles or more raidious. IT is that dangerous!

416th Legion

Status: Special Air, Land, and Sea Commandos.

416 Legion Flag

Galaxy of Origin: Trussia Primary

Commander:  Speacial OPs Leader

Active legioners: 16,000

Reserve: 400,000


Created during the Trussian Post apocalyptic era during the 7th age, the 416th legion was created to be a highly trained special operation force. They were created as a solution to the massive casulties of the War of the Apocalypse. In which millions died and starved to death. Within this Era the 416th Legion rose to power within the military and become one of the most decorated military units within the entire Galactic army. To the point they were fully mobilized as its own special unit the can operat in on Land, Air, Water and within Space itself. Since their creation the 416th Legion and been called into action again, leading Trussia to victory with any periless operation they find themselfs within.

Most Notable for: having the ability to operate on any terrain at a moment notice.

T.I.R Trussian Imperial Rangers


 They are legends, their names is feared, their Legacy is feared, their Doctrine is Absolute Victory and death to the enemy and
Flag-designer appspot Imperial Rangers one

Imperial Ranger Flag

that a true Soldier will fight to the death. This only desribes part of the Imperial rangers as they came to be as one of the greatest soldiers ever bread from the Trussian Empire.  A they are determined and honorable like the mighty samurai but focused and deadly like the Spartan.   The Trussian Imperial Rangers were legend and mith but all their stories and atributes were true.  

The Trussian Imperila Rangers were a highly elite infantry division that were to be deployed before the main army in any envirinment.  Moslty is the harshest weather condition imagineable from super cold to scorthing hot. 

In addition to the Impeiral Rangers also have gained reputation for having some of the worst casualties in combat as well as been seen as one of the most brutal regiments within the army. This is only accepted becasue within the regiments history they have gained many victories and have gained a huge success rating.  This paired with their brutal tactics makes them a fear and very deadly asset by the Trussian Military. 

So in addition with this they have been gained much praise and are now being deployed more then ever, due to they give Trussia a large advantage in ending any conflict early. They shoe the exxtend the Trussia will go to for for victiry and will stand rebellion and ignorance.

The Imerial Rangers themselves are lead by Ka-tar Coran. The Primary commander of the Rangers, he himself was a founding member. From this, he oversees and leads many missons and special operations, his latest being to colonize a small new galaxy used for further expansion for Trussian Glorious Empire.

Most Notable For: Having the heaviest caulties of any branch within the Military.

Trussin Military Police

Flag-designer appspotmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

T.M.P Flag

The Trussian Military Police were the original Police force of Trussia before the T.S.F was created to give them a time of rest. By far they were so successful that T.S.F was completely based off of them. The reason that they were sent back to Military duty is because they were over extent from their original Purpose such as investigations they were not meant to do. Once T.S.F was created they were sent back to keeping order in the Military, such as investigating War Criminals/crimes, treason, Murder, and deserters. That is a few things of what they do. Other duties consist of Policing and protecting bases with their

Trussian Military Police Commando

Officers as well. They are highly trained and respected for protecting the army from itself such as corruption.

During the 2nd age of Trussia, they Military knew they needed a body to help control Law and Order within the ranks, so the T.M.P were created to be that answer. Even though T.M.P were Soldiers themselves they did not see action but something different then before. They were to be the Police force for the army and Later Trussia Itself, they would work customs and anything else required by them, their training was the same as the rest of the army but their education was extended for seeing what others can't in order to the right answer the first time. They grew as the best and only Police agency the Country had at the time to such a point they Dominated the Law and Order across the nation for a time, this was not planned but it worked out just fine.

Though as the ages past the nation was in a series of change and the War was almost won, the army fought long and hard and deserved a rest. So during the 18th age The Capital of Justice was created and the T.S.F as the new Judicial part of the Trussian Primary Union. As the army was converted so was the police and their role in the Trussian Criminal Justice system. The Capitol of Justice consistent of three courts, Military, Public, and the T.I.C Courts were established. T.I.C was pt in charge an its Enforcer Class agents ere called into running as the Judges and Justices. The Military Court is ran by regular Military Officers and over seen by the Enforcers who are currently in the army. This consists of the Court consist of the T.M.P. Both working in one system to hold Law and Order and to keep Justice and Stability in check for the Military.

Later though during the end of the "700 years War" The Military was reorganized, as well as the Military Police. They were given there own Court that was in link to the Capital of Justice and T.I.C and their Courts. Most Justices on the Military Police are T.I.C Operatives serving careers in the Military.

Most Notable for: Being highly effective in upholding Trussian Military Code and Conduct to the upmost degree.


The are the  Military Police and are to conduct investigations and to provide security and stability within in the army and show that even they must Follow the Law.  As well as they hunt and investigate War Criminals, treason, and those wanted by the Military. Uniform

The T.M.P Uniform is based on a mixed design from the 416th Legion and the Grand Elite.  Their main colors are black and whie symbolizing their role of Balance and order withing the Military.  In total there are also two variations of the Uniform, The 1st is the Officers Uniform. This will consist of a black and  white shirt and pants with a Open helmet and chest plate of armor.  The 2nd is the Swat Officers Uniform worn by the Foot Soliders, this will consist of a Black and white Body suit with full Body armor covering the entore body as well as including a closed helmet with Visor.


M-4 Carbine: Under the Trussian Reorganization treaty, the police forces both Military and Public is restricted to use rifle ammunition no larger then 5.56-45MM. This is due to Polie forces are to contain a threat and not to eliminate it. Therefore a light calbre will cause less damage, but still pack a punch if needed.

300px-Vektor CP-1 (Sf46)

Vector P-9

Vecto'r: Primary sidearm and signature weapon of the T.M.P's, the vector of has a ten-round magizine packed with a poison tipped bullet.  The T.M.P is supplied by Trussian Defesne Industries for their Vector P-9's.


The T.M.P flag sets them apart for other branches in the army,  it gives them their purpose and rank.  Any T.M.P Officer will be seen with the their symbol on the side of their Uniform as their mark and Purpose to uphold the Law, Order, within the army.  The Flag and Crest itself is based of of Trussias National Flag but with a different design ad a main one being the black Swords. The black swords represent that they have strength, investigate, and protect their brothers.  IT is also to put fear within their enemies as well when they are on the War path to exterminate any sources destroying the Military and their values.

Trussian Galactic Guard


Trussian National Guard Flag

Most Notable for: Being a wide spread force of diversity and bravery from every cutlure the makes up the Trussian Empire

Trussian Defense Forces


Most Notable for: The Bravery to defend their homes and families from any danger or threat that faces them.

Trussian Imperial Commandos

Trussian Imperial

Trussian Merchant Marine

Established as a specialized military force, the Trussian Merchant Marine Core is tasked with protecting Trussian

Trussian Merchant Marine Insignia

Trade Routes, shipping Lanes, and defense or incursions operations against pirates and other criminal organizations. This unit is highly trained and equipped
LL-30 pistol
with a large fleet of starships, carriers, and starfighters in order to take out their missions. In some case even performing humanitarian missions on planets where pirates have completely gained submission of the primitive populace. This Unit has formed itself a Subfleet from the Trussian United Navy, but still operates with aboslute atonomy from the main naval branch. This is due to a direct split in naval doctrine and the Trussian Merchant Marine is to target and eliminate threats. While the Trussian United Fleet Commands Doctrine is to be absolutely defensive and adaptable.


LL30 Laser Pistol: Very Iconic to the Trussian Merchant Marine is their signature duel wielded LL30 Pistol. Capable with Trussian Variants of holding 200 Shots, it gives them a fast rate of fire in small size. This is more desirable when fighing in close quarters within a ship or a city. Some variants, the Merchant Marines opt for is that of a 203 burst fire models have also become popular.

Trussian Expeditionary Forces


The Trussian Expeditionary Force was a tactical response unit sent in during rapid attack, retaliation, and natural planetary disasters. They were comprised of volunteers of former or retired Trussian Military Troopers who had served several years in other Branches or units of the military. This unit had a rapid response time and could fully mobilized and deply within less then six hours. As even though this is a volunteer military unit establihed by the militart it is still subject to strict, harsh and cruel training in order all soilders and fit proprerly for combat.

'Most Notable for: 'Their bravery and diversity of those who volunteer to serve within the untis ranks

Trussian Storm Trooper Core

Trussian Storm Troopers 1

Trussian Storm Troopers Ensignia

Trussian Storm Troopers were a specialized Paramilitary Special Opertions Forces from the Trussian Capitol Planet of "Trussia Prime". The Trussian Strom Troopers unit was a highly skilled and very secretive force under the command of the Trussian War Cabinent and the Emperor himself.  The Trussian Storm Troopers took out highly dangerous missions no other unti could manage.  As well as they are extremly loyal and brutal when in battle, to the degree where they have become the most out of control and most hated branch within the military.  They specilaized in Infaltration and subterfuge.  Their ability to take out various targets that pose a threat to the greater good of Trussia and its government. They operated under the radar, and not many within Trussias Government knew what they have done, nor where they have been deployed.  All the Senate knows. is that the Trussian Storm Troopers use special "Infaltration Tactics."  Many Senators, within the Trussian Senate called to disban the unit, but under the Constitution the Trussian Storm Troopers military unit is protected, due to they also contribute to the governments protection and stabilization. Though with this in mind, many Senators and politicians call them Corrupt Hit Squads used by the War Cabinet  to secure their own power. The Trussian Storm Troopers typically operate in five man squads. Once a Trooper is enlisted, they will be tested and put into an assigned squad that they will serve with for the remainder of their service. Once within the ranks a Trooper will go into a 5 year training period and once completed, they will serve another five years with the Unit.  In addition the Unit is trained and based in the Trussian Prime City of the Republic of the North.

Most Notable for: Being the most hated Military Unit within the Trussian Military.


DC-15 Blaster Carbine


DC-15 Blaster Carbine: A favorite within the Core, the DC-15 is the most common weapon used due to its effectiveness and high magazine capacity.  Though only a carbine, a large number of engagements by the Troopers is within close quarters.

Trussian Logistics & Engineering Regiment Core

Flag Logistics

Logistics Flag.

The Trussian Logitics and Engineering Core is one of the most vital regiments within the Trussian Military. Organnizing and mobilizing thousands of troops, ships, and supplies at a moments notice, the T.L.E.C the absolute edge in modern day warfare. Their ability to supply and organize, is their main weapons that the core has mastered.  To such a degree that with their power Trussia can successfully invade and defend any territory within minutes.

Most Notable For: Being the most organized and efficient unit within the Trussian Military.

C.C.C: Clone Commando Core

Flag-designer appspot Clone Command Core

Clone Command Core

The Clone Commando Core was a division of the Trussian Army that trained and operated with legions of Clone Soldiers as the forfront of its forces.  The Clones created for this Division are trained in all areas so they could operate in all branches like the rest of the Military Personal.  The Trussian Empire first considered the idea of a Clone Army during the 14th age, but did not start operations and cloning until the 15th age.  The idea originally was to field large units of  troops to overtake any enemy position and score a quick victory.  Though during the 14th age there was no real need for so many troops even though the Trussian Empire was at its third century of War.  Its current Consript Imperial Army was already lagre enough and well trained for its purposes.  IT was not unitl the 15th age that the idea was resurrected for the idea of a clone army.  This is do to in less then a century later during the 450 year mark of the 700 year War the Trussian Imperial Army was facing huge causalties in mulitple battles.  So do this the Imperial Army of Trussia could not conscript, train, and deploy as many troops in the field as they needed.  Do to this from the troop shortage the War Council voted to create a Clone Army.  The War Council chose several DNA Templates from several of their best ranking commanders and in less the a three week period the Trussian Imperial Army created 3.5 Million Clone troops and were able to deploy them to reinforce their forces in less then 24 hours.   This was a major feat during the time do to it would have taken at least 6 months just to Conscript and train 1,200,000 troops.  So becasue of this the War Council ordered an additional 5 million Clone Troopers and within an additional 6 weeks the Trussian Military had a huge advantage added to its forces.  Some of the Advantages they offered is that they could be created in a short time but be highly trained based on a speacial training program put in to each of their brains.  SO they are ready to foigh the moment they hit the field.  This is from the Great Trussian Library and all its mighty knowledge, they could utilized the right experiance and training then then install for their forces.   A Trussian Clone Trooper could learn in a moment then go forward with their new task or Job nearly tens time faster the regular soldier.   They were fielded in every branch of the T.I.A and until the end of the 700 year war.  After the War the Clones were taken out of service and given work in civilian life.  The Trussian Military Reorganization Treaty was created and the Clone Forces were al but dissolved because of the terms of the treay.  This would be unless of a great War or Conflict were to ensue and in recent ages the C.C.C was just an idea from the past.   This was until recent Conflits came to eye and the War Council knew ot needed the C.C.C once again.  So the vote was offical and the Clone Factories began prodiction once again.  The New C.C.C Forces would be stationed ad serve in all Branches and in Garrion forces arcoss the Trussian empire to show the true force and power of the Trussians and its great Military.


During the 15th age the T.I.A would create 3.5 Million Troops during its first months and by the end of the 700 Year War the C.C.C Consisted of 10 Million Clones strong serving in every branch and many being placed and conducting special operations with Trussian Grand Elite or the 416th Legion.

Currently as of the 21st age the Trussian War Counsil voted to create a new C.C.C.  This order reopened the Cloning Facilites on El-Kamino once again and they were creating Clones for a new age and a new army.  So far the Cloning Facilites have 80 million troops ready and 200 million more on the way.

As for future plans the War Counsal is till exploring the possibilites of Cloning and what it can really do.  As well as do to current tension the War Counsil is looking the create an even larger clone army and possbily clone work force to back it. If needed the Trussian War Counsil and Senate will vote to create Clone Army consisting of 300 Billion troops. The training they would recive will be of everything the Trussian haves collected on training, War, and Combat.  So with such a large and well trained force "if created" will make the Trussian War Machine unstopable.

Base of Creation and Training

Trussians primary cloning and training facility is on the Trussian outer core world of El-Camino. Within this deep andwatery world lies millions of cities as well as millions of traiing facilites in which are primarly used ofr military purposes.


Much of the Clone Commando Cores weaponry is dervided from current balistic weaponry, though most future units will be armed with laser based weapons.

Most Notable For: Being the only Trussian Military Unit  being completely made up of Clone Troopers.

Trussian Droid Forces

Capitol Flag

Trussia Droid Forces

The Trussian Droid Forces were comprised of thousands up Droids that took out the functions of regular soldiers. From Infanrty to Fighter Squadrons, T.D.F Forces were extremely skilled in programing, numbers, as well as abilites.  The Unit was created by Central Command to originally test weapons, but as time went on the possiblity of Droids in space warfare grew and the unit was greatly expanded.  Come to recent time, the Trussian Military and Armed Forces have utilized droids heavily in space combat as well as in ground tactic.  This is because they can use more agressive assault tactics in early stages of of a battle, leading to the complete erosion of an enemies forces.

Trussian Droids Forces in their first combat mission at the battle of Hollra Prime.

Battle of Hollra Prime

During the summer of the 22nd age, the Trussian Army and Naval Forces were under siege from a hostile uprising.  In this conflict, 200,000 Trussian Troops were killed, leading Trussian Central Command to look to other options in order win the war without the loss of anymore lives. Trussian Central Command came to the conclusion to deploy their droid forces agaisnt the planet.  On what Trussia code named D-Day, the Trussian Navy deployed a massive planetary invasion force. This time instead of regular infantry troops, the invasion force was made up completely of of Droid tanks, Infantry, and fighters.  The opposing forces were crushed within hours compared to months from a regular infantry force. The efficiency taken out by these droids lead to many break throughs for the Trussians.  Droids offered more efficent ways to attack ad defend at a more resonable cost of lives. As well as Droid Soldiers would take out any order without question, and would go to any length to take their given command.

B-Series Droids

B-series battle droids
The B-Series of Battle Droids were the most widley used by the Trussian Military. Due to their durabillity, efficientcy, and addaptibility, these series of models have seen wide use by Trussian Armed Forces. Their ability to be adapted and retrofitted to any environement has given many advantages for them on variou conflicts and trials face by the unit.

Droid Models

  • B-1: Infantry Unit (Most widley used in combat and security of ships.)
  • B-2: Upgraded Armor and Lasers give this model a fearful reputation.
  • Droideka: Fast moving, rapidfire cannons, and heavy Tri-shields give this unit a massive advantage over anything on the battledfield.


something interesting, within the Trussian Droid Forces is that many units have deveolped their own personalities and in some other units have gained such an ability they can outthink and adapt to their opponnet quickly and swiftly within battle. This has grown almost widespread with many Trussian Droids across the unit and the galaxy.  This has also proven to become very helpful as communication and actions with Droids and their command staff is more efficient and has given a sense of comradity amongst such a strange army unit.

Command Staff

The Trussian Droid Forces is lead by 25 Generals, 16 Officers, 1 Admiral and 152 Commanders, making it the smallest command staff in the entire Military.  From here their are various Droid Commanders in charge of their various units.  These Units are stationed in fleets and assigned planets within the Capitol Core. 

Army Units

  • Army 1,250,000 Troops
  • Corps: 5 divisions of 110,500 troops
  • Division 22,500 Troops
  • Regiment 4,500 Troops
  • Vangurad: 1,300 tanks and 15,000 Droid Infantry units designed to break through heavy defenses.
  • Battalion: 10 Troops Carriers consisting of 800 Droid Infantry Units. 120,000 Tanks.
  • Company: Consisting of 120 Tanks, artillery, as well as 33,300 Infantry Units.
  • Platoons: Consisting of 10 Squads makin up 60 Infantry Droids.
  • Squad: 10 Troops.

Weapon Legends



Ak-47 Model 95T: Standard Issue T.R.A., T.M.P., T.I.M., and the Grand Elite

Status: Fully or Semi Automatic Assualt Rifle

Calibre: 7.62 -39mm

Rate of Fire: 600-700 RPM

The Ak-47 Model 95-T is the Standard Issue for a large Majority of the Trussian Military. IT is rugged, reliable and easy to make. 456 trillion have been made and is issued to every branch as a primary or secondary Assault Rifle. Trussia and its soldiers love this rifle. It is the soldiers defense against the world and no matter what field or environment they are in they can always count that their weapon will still work.  Trussian as made many improvements and mods over the years of when fielding the weapon.  Such as the current model the 95T is made from Polymers and Carbon Fiber materials. Making it highly light yet still Rugged.  The Ammunition was also modified where it is more accurate and packs a huge punch. As of now it still in service and shall remain for many years to come.  When a Soldier is issued this Weapon they shall keep it even after leaving duty.  If they are called back into action from a Service Draft or War then they will go into Combat with it slung over their Soldier.

Why As a Soldier do I use the Ak-47??....I am still alive aren't I?.....:- Takota James

Wars and Conflicts


  • Trussian Revolution 94,215-95,616
  • Territorial Wars
  • Trussia 1st War of Conquest
  • Elementary Wars (4,000 Years) (Leading to the Battle of the 4th Defeat)
  • Trussian 2nd War of Conquest
  • Incursion Wars (200 Years)
  • Trussian Imperial Wars
  • Trussia 3rd War of Conquest
  • 1st Advancement Era War
  • 1st Colonial Wars
  • 1st Trussian/Human War
  • Conquest Era
  • Invasion of Coltra System (8,500 Planets)
  • Invasion of the Volra System (7,645 Planets)
  • Invasion of the Loasa System (675 Worlds)
  • Invasion of the Wolara systems ( 160,500 Starsystems under Trussias Influence)
  • Dol'ran Cold War (50 Years)
  • Naval Battle and Defcon Prime
  • 2nd Naval Battle of Defcon Prime
  • 2nd Trussian/Human War
  • 600 Years War
  • 700 Years War (Final Victory at the Battle of Burgundy)
  • Invasion of TAM (Trussian and Allied Victory)
  • Invasion of the Unkown Regions
  • Balrada Skirmishes.
  • Trussian/Taldaran War (6 weeks)
  • Trussian/Skull Empire War (6 Months)
  • 2nd Advancement Era (Leading to Trussian Age of Cultural Influence.)
  • Trussian/Tri-on War against the Dark Realm.


  • Imperial Rampage (1st and 2nd battle of Calistad)
  • Corpus Crises
  • Battle of Hollra Prime (Rise of the Droid Forces)
  • Dark Realm Revolt.
  • Trussian/Taldaran Crises.

Medals and awards

This is a list and history of awards that are honored to the Brave Military Soldiers and Personal for their surface and sacrifice.

Phoenix Cross

The Phoenix Cross is the highest award a Soldier can receive, it Stands for Faith, Obedience, and Sacrifice to the Army and the nation. When a Soldier is honored for this they are brought before the emperor them self as the Trussian Emperor will pin the Medal to their Uniform and will be remembered forever for their service.

Trussian Crest

Mark of a Brave soldier who saved fellow soldier or showed exceotional skill in the field.