Summary Edit

During the end of the 700 Years War, the "Trussian Republican Army "T.R.A" was to be reorganized and refitted for the new peace of isolation Era. The Vast Trussian Army was to be given rest for its outstanding service in the field and for a new police force to rise to reduce the duties from the War Era.

Under this document, Trussia will defend its future and remembers it past for a brighter tomorrow. The Army, Navy, and Starfighter Core will operate and adapt to any situation. Trussia shall rise will its allies along with defeating their enemies. The overall purpose for ouf armed forces is for defense and to adapt tp any circumstance.

Treaty Edit

Article 1.

It is to be decreed upon the Counsels of War and Defense that we the defenders of this nation are to reorganize our great Army for peace. Never again will we fight War on such a scale of before unless we must for our 1.Security  2.Self Defense/Preservation 3. Preemptive Strike/Counter Offensive and upon these new terms for he army a "Declaration of War" will be forbidden and War will be forbidden and never again be used unless under extreme threat of invasion or extinction.

Article 2.

Upon this the Army of Imperialism will be replaced with the Army of the Republic, in the showing of out new Freedom and for out future of Peace and Prosperity and so forth our future will be told and lead by our Creator and Lord God.

Article 3. The newly reorganized Trussian Military will go from 95,000,000 million to 5,500,000 with 50 million in reserve will stay unaffected. The 7,500 Military Divisions will be reorganized to 300 divisions. 150 active and 150 active reserve. The Active Reserve will 5,000,000 on moments notice and 50,000,000 if needed. If all war breaks out then a full 95,000,000 plus drafted soldiers will be mobilized.

Article 4

Under the law of the new Treaty, the T.R.A will never have a untrained or Conscript army, in response the army and military and all its branches will be given a draft if needed.  All troops are to be trained and well educated before entering combat or military service.

Article 5

Military Service and Active Registration is required for all Trussian Citizens. A mandatory training service of 2 months is required for all citizens reaching the age of 18 in Trussian time. If a new Pup is registered to be a Citizen, they will and must be registered for military service but not required to be trained unless drafted.

All must serve a 2 month term in the army, if they refuse then the will be arrested and sent to Two months in jail. This will follow by a national apology and forced service for up to 2-4 years regarding decision on the courts.

Article 6

The Weapons of the Army as well as manufacturing for it will not be changed. All current inventory of weapons and vehicles being used or currently out of service will be put into storage. The army and government are forbidden to sell or destroy equipment that is still of use, all stored weapons will be used by draft armies, reserves and militias if under extreme threat or emergency.

Manufacturing will resume as normal and all forms from resources will be regulated, monitored and controlled by the War Department/Defense Department and the ruling War Counsel.

Article 6

When a National emergency is called such as attack, natural disaster, or emergency, the Army wil be called up to all posts and all needed units will be called in for defense. This will go for the area of interest, within any Territory under Trussian Law.

Article 7

The New Army will be given a new Military Court so that any and all War crimes will be investigated so proper law and order can be upheld.

The Court will be under the Justice Department of the Capitol of Justice in cooperation with T.I.C and Military officers.

The mainstay of the Court and proceeding will be upheld in absolute privacy, no record of the Court and a joinning investigations are a loud to be public due to military silence and privacy law under article 567 of the Trussian Constitution under Military Codes and Conduct.

Article 8

Upon the reorganization the Trussian United Union will be set up into 5 new self governing States, from this will be 5 Military Districts in charge or keeping the district territory safe and free from invasion. This goes for Trussia Prime, all ajoining worlds within the union will be divided into proper defense sectors. Each will be develop and deploy their own army, navy, and spcialized tactial units.

Article 9

Upon emergency actions and situations the War Counsel is and can give power to all Branches of the Military for weapons build up and to allow a miitary arms race if needed.

Article 10 

All Branches of the Military are under the Law of the Trussian Consitution and must obey them along with the heads of state with out question. They are to serve the Trussian Emperor as the Supreme Commander and Chief of all Military Branches.  The Emperor/President has free reaign and final say in all Military Affairs and Operations as well as they have right to Counsels with a Private group of Generals.

Article 11

No Poloticians are allowed to lead or have any say in Military issues operations, situations, or affairs.  All of theses will be under control of the War and Defense Counsels as well as Head of State, and the Military generals and Staff in all situations.

Article 12

The Military and all Branches are to be Rearmed after every decade or at anytime upon emergency situations.

1. This Includes Keeping the Army prepared and equipped at all times.

2. Under The Trussian Constitution the Army can and Maintain large stockpiles and reserves of Weapons of any kind, this includes but is not limited to Poison Gas, Nuclear weaponry, and unlimited manufacturing to provide and make resources needed for such weapons.

3. Tanks and Aircraft Fleets are to be kept in large Quanity and Manufacturing will remains and be upgraded as needed.

4. Oil, and Gas manufacturing for the military will be as follows that any and all needs, will be owned and Manuactured priavatly by the army itself.

5. Navy ships and Sector Armada Vessels are of the up most importance to keep the Peace and Pride of the navy

Article 13

Droid and Clone Army Restoration Act

Under this act passed by the War Counsel the T.R.A now has authority to build, maintain and field vast groups of armies of Droids and Clones.

These shall be built on the planet of El-camino, the production will proceed to substain vast numbers to secure and protect Trussia along with its miitary or economic interests.

Article 14

The Military will treat all captives, prisoners of war criminals with respect and they and their rights shall not be abused.

Article 15

All beings defeated by the Trussian United Union and Empire will not be destroyed or enslaved.

Al Prisoners will also be given proper food, clothin and shelter, though the Army does have right to chip and track them if escaped.  If any are guilty of crimes as well them they are subject to isolations, trial, and proper sentecning.

Article 16

The Trussian Military is  the only force within the Galaxy allowed to Arm itself with Military traing, Weapons, and establishing dominance.

All other Para Military Organiztions are forbidden to form and operate in open, controled or private territory in Trussia.

If such a force is discovered the all neacasary actions will be taken to secure the Interal Security of Trussia.

Article 17

Under and Term the Trussian Military under its War Counsel and and Emperor may Create or Disband any force at is power.