Seizure ActEdit

Capitol Seal

Trussian Capitol Seal

Under the Legislative Power the Trussian Galactic Senate, and in accordance with the Trussian Constitution and the Military that upholds its Values, Law and Order this document is to protect and expand upon Trussian territories and interests.

Article IEdit

Upon time of war or conflict, under the power of the senate and a joining military chiefs of staff, the Trussian military will seize enemy territory and occupy it.  After victory within any War or conflict, any seized territory taken from enemies will remain in Trussian position and will be merged within its colonial Empire. All citizens living within newly acquired territory will be automatic citizens of Trussia, and will be subject to our taxes, law, and order.  Under no circumstances is any territory taken to be returned or given anatomy away from Trussia.  Any taken Territory will be seen as payment and part of war reparations and spoils of war.

Article 2Edit

In situations where there is with unclaimed territory, Trussias Senate will call in an emergency session regarding the situation. Under most situations, the senate will call into vote of  "Annexation" and take any disputed territory and occupy it with military force. Any attempt by foreign forces to take or attack the disputed territory before or after Trussian occupation will be seen as an act of war and the enemy must pay reparations.

Article 3Edit

Under the Trussian Constitution, the Trussian Imperial Republic has right of conquest and occupation of unsettled territories outside its borders. They have right to expand and colonize any territory they claim ownership to. This means they also have rights to build bases and establish Military presence for the act of expansion and self defense. Any foreign force attempting the attack Trussian forces will be pushed back and under the Trussian Constitution they will be conquered.

Article 4Edit

Under the Trussian Constitution, the Trussian Senate and military is never to take and seize land from its own citizens within already settled territories and borders.