The Treaty of the Trussian-Cazathan Alliance is an Economic and Military Pact along with the Adventure Bay City.

Contents of the Treaty Edit

Cazathan Empire Edit

The Cazathan empire offers the Trussian United Union to agreed on the Open Borders treaty to allow its Citizens and it's products to enter the Trussian Borders. insides its cities and kingdoms. Improving Economical ties by sending Executives to Trussian Empire and Builds Corporations to expand the Cazathan empire. For the Military alliances, The Cazathan Empire will try to forge a defensive pact. along with the Adventure Bay war council and the Trussian War Council and forge a Tri-Defensive Pact, which a pact will defend all three countries. along with The Philippine Isles and the Barkingburg empire. agreed to this condition.

Trussian Empire Edit

Under the Trussian Empires duties they shall uphold freedom and peace with their ally as well as a defense pact if they were to ever be attacked. In addition the Trussian Empire will also expand and protect economic and political ties to the Cazathan Empire. Such as with Technology, food, and medical technology so all are fed and well taken care of.

Events Edit

The Treaty is Tackled at the 1st PAW Summit held at the Trussian Senate Building at the Central empire of Trussia.