May these Colors represent what we stand for, Gold for God and that he may guide us as the ultimate Authority, BLUE, and the we shall have Law over all that we do! RED, so that we shall have Order is our new world and that we shall stand and be orderly for God and his Plan for us. The Phoenix, our sybol of Unity and that we shall rise from the ashed and be born in Gods Eye! That we may conquer sin and satan with God by our side.-Trussian First Emperor first Imperial Address to his people upon raising the Trussian Flag and forming the Trussian Empire.


Trussia Prime, the Galactic Capitol.


Our Nation Shall survive and no matter what we may face good or bad we shall Rise from the ashes and start anew Nation of Purity and Perfection, and like the Phoenix we shall be free, forever from Sin and dis-utopia. We shall rise and rise strong for all Eternity and may God keep us safe and we thank him with out Souls.-Taktoa James,


Capitol City of T.I.M


Trussian Capitol in the morning view.


Upon its creation, Trussia and its people strived  one purpose, and that purpose was to simply survive and live as they pleased.  As they grew so did their society and culture.  They wanted more then to just survive from day to day, they wanted to live and learn of what God and their Galaxy had to offer. From then on Trussia began to grow in knowledge and power and soon expressing it throughout their Galaxy.  Everyone put aside their differences and came together as one unified galaxy. Facing any threat or challenge as one unified galaxy.  From then on Trussia would stand for God, Law, and Order.  In additon to prioratizing Law&Order, Defense, and Education to advance themselves.


Trussia was formed under God, Law, and Order and has become a powerful galactic state militarily and economically.  It has stood the test of time and has become a dominant Galactic power of its own Galaxy and a feared and respected in many others.

Trussia is a common name for what they call  their society, but in real terms it is the name of their primary world, Galaxy, and its Empire. The Civilization itself is over  21,000 years old but in terms of time and space it is no older to two centuries on earth. The Nation of Trussia itself is a Dominant reigning power and only one in its Galaxy in terms of Military, Economic, and Political Terms. It features many Worlds and systems as part of its anatomy and as part of its Empire which is build on Economics and vast colonization Projects. In terms of Population it is currently estimated at 50 trillion but it grows constantly and stays this way since health wise everyone is very healthy and active. This is do to self, isolation and scientific progression through several generations. So really Death has been exterminated in health reason but one could still die from murder of by a unknown force. Yet this is few and far between as since Trussia and its People have high moral and respect for one another. This is due to Standard Military Service and Christian based principles and teachings taught to its people. As well as Trussia has advanced beyond most civilizations in technology and Culture as well. In some ways it is almost a Utopia but is others it is not such as its ability to wage war.

Something unusual in Trussia is that they have banned any and all political Parties, this is because of stamping out corruption in the system. Expanding on thAis Trussia has also Banned and made any and all Religion illegal. They themselves are viewed as Christians but in Trussia Christianity is viewed to be a Set Rules for Life and must be Followed Accordingly. The reason Religion is banned is that it is so easy for a false Religion to become Dominant and corrupt and will lead to many downfalls. So Trussia saw this and made it Known that Christianity is more then a Religion, that it is a primary structure for their culture and daily lives. Church's are still built and are regularity attended but it is to the one true Go and Jesus only. Any other entities of outside forces of this nature being established and trying to, will be stop at once by the Government and it Military/Police Forces. So this has also led to 0% tolerance polices across their lands and worlds. Though surprisingly if they encounter such a religion of different culture they will not condemn it but will be accepting and open to learn a new Cultures ways. This is also that a Trussian is taught to be non judging or prideful but instead to be a nice and respectful being from one to anther as Jesus would. The reason would be different is that in Trussia these cultures and ways are dangerous to young generations and the Society as itself as whole so it would be dealt with differently then.

Though through all of Trussias assets and Peace it has fought, Won, and Lost many Wars in order to get to its current self Governing state.  Through out its History it has seen constant Peace and War Periods it has gone through. Though never to give up the Trussias would always answer this call and fight for their freedom.  During the early ages Wars were extremely hard to fight and win do to its lack of Power and resources but as it grew Victories came more often but always at a price either is Life or Blood.  In their quest for Power Takota and his People adopt a manipulation and imperial Policy as they advanced on taking anything it could and expanding itself through many ages.  At its current state Trussia has matured and become more comfortable, isolated, and peaceful.   The Imperialism Trussia exhibited is a leading factor to its power as some wish for them to return to it while others have wanted to stay away from it to a point.  Trussia Emprero the sole ruler of the Empire himself is in the middle, whatever path he chooses so will his people.  The Current Emperor has currently accepted a peace though strange as time he accepts it and the fruits it offers as well as being a Military Industrial Power Trussia still seek to advance and expand their Empire beyond its current Borders.  The Military has also seen many changes from the Army of Imperialism to a Military of the Republic of which Trussia stands. The Military itself has become a ruling factor over Trussia as well as it is a principle governing body in the government in addition with the T.I.C.

T.I.C Itself is another organization in Trussia but instead of fighting wars it is to prevent them as we as expand and fight for Peace, law, and order.  T.I.C Agents also expand Trussia Knowledge, Wisdom, and help Keep God, Law, and Order, the most important and sacred Foundations of Trussia on Top over all else. These were the primary priniciples and purposes that are hold very dear to them.  Each T.I.C Agent is higly honored by their own and the Regla Citizens.  They have become like the Military a Governing Body to keep the Peace and order as well as striking enemines if needed.  They carry Light Sabers since they picked them up and modified the designs , each agent carries one as well as they are hoihly trained and dangerous in combat id pushed to that point. Takota started this Organizetion and Ancient Order to Keep Stability, Peace and that God, Law and Order is Trussia is on top at all time as well as the Innocent are defened and guilty are punished.

Trussia itself and become a very unique, powerful, and wealthy society as well as poverty does not exist, violence among citizens is at a munimum and Alcohol the poison nector that lead to the fall of all society is banned.  Laws are harshly enforced but firm and fair and the Justice is quick and swift.  All citizens are to be obedient to authority and not question anything.  When this is enforced properly Trussia is prosperous and vivd but when a person or groups is not obeying then the enitre system is in danger. That is why many time the TRussian have various ways to deal with its such as BLood loyalty and its propoganda arsenal.  As well as a strict educational system where young are taught to believe and obey.


Trussia was officially created on the 6 month of the 16th Year of the 95th Dynasty. Before then Takota and his Gorilla Army waged a War for Independence for a long brutal 9 months. Upon there Victory they called their new Nation Trussian and its Military became a official Force for their defense. From there Trussia advanced and prospered but yet from time to time had conflicts and Wars Broke out. Trussia in its Defense fought back and did on a large scale such as the Elementary Wars spanned various small Conflicts for 4,000 Years. As well as it was decided that Trussia is to build a massive Empire and to expand it Territory and grasp in order to have a Foot hold over if a War were to break our or during a current Conflict. This took place and in following years Trussia build a Powerful Army and Economy which as since they were the Dominating Power of their Galaxy they were fairly unstoppable for a time being.


Galactic Expansion

Society and Culture

ADC General Pic

Trussian Capitol District of Art and Culture.

Trussian Society is a high spiritually, morally, and respectfully as the all Trussian Citizens are educated in God, Law, and Order as the prime Functions and Foundation of their Society. As for their culture it is teaming with many attributes such as fine music, Art, and excellent architecture. Such as its main Library in the Capitol City which has stood as a symbol of Knowledge in Trussia as well as it Citadel and Takotas Palace as well. Other attributes of Trussian Society is low crime rates as well as their is virtually no Homelessness as everyone is employed and given a job and assigned home. Everyone must work and contribute for their Empire and Government and in return they are rewarded with a nice home, pay, and food. Other attributes about Trussias Society is that theie many advance Technology and has quite a modern society. Such as Cars, planes, and Trains. They also have a wide range of technologies as well as abilities to travel through space and time in their own galaxy and others as well.

So this in total has made them very wealthy and powerful as well as blessed that they are thankful for from God and his Son Jesus Christ.  This is apart of their faith as their main atribute that they have Faith in God as Trussia is alos Heavily in Christian Influence and belive in the one true lord and his son.  As well as Going to Church and aiding one another, and any blasphamy within Trussia is highly illegal and punishable by Death or Banishment.  In addition all Religion is banned do to the many false doctrines that exist it cannot be trusted and they will corrupt Trussias ways  This is do to that their influences as well as anything else deamed inapropriate is or offensive will be banned such as Alchohol and Tabacco.  Such things like this are forbidden and the punishments for them are extremly harsh as they will be judged by the Capitol of Justice.

The Trussian Imperial Capitol

The Trussian Capitol is a large and extravagant city that is the Center Hub of all of Trussia.  It is a vast technologically advanced Utopia of Peace, Harmony and a strict ruling government.
Trussian Capitol Flag 1

Trussian Capitol Flag

  Law and Order is fully established as no crime or suffering prevails but only faith in God as well as a strict no tolerance system used so that all Citizens are Obedient to the law and its values.


During the Trussian Revolution, Trussias 1st Emperor and his Army were centralized within the Emerald Mountains at a Fortress known as Gods city. West of this location was the where the Modern City of T.I.M would be built was taken and Takota moved his Military Operations west to this point, at what would be his new Home later called Takotas Palace. His Palace itself was built here prior and

Trussian City Center.

was most likely home of a nobleman, it would later become the Capitol building and place for Trussias Government until alterations were made and the Government was reorganized. At a Location further out from here was a large complex of Military Bunkers, and other structures. This which would be taken and heavily fortified and secured for the next several ages would become the Central. As for the Central Facility for Military and Communications Command. With these two key areas it was decided upon later Victory that the Trussian Capitol would be build here. Upon the location was large and centralized in a perfect location. The rest of Trussia New world and Territory surround itself and the new Military and Government already had a strategic settlement for its Operation. So Taktoa then design the Plans for the new Capitol, it would stand as a testimony the his New empire and rule as well as a shining beacon and the primary hub for Trussia. This would be through Military, Economic, and Political routes, as the cities foundation was established and built in less then a century. Overall the design was simple and elegant, as the layout itself was circular and a wall was erected to defend the City from attack and Invasion, This was part of the Original design and as the years progressed the City Became Larger and even more extensive. In the current era of the 21st age the Trussian Capitol was about 1,000,000 Square Miles. The City had several location notable to its structure and uniqueness such as it is completely self contained from the rest of Trussia. It has enough of its own industry and resources that is can cut itself off if needed if under attack. Other key features of the City is that it has 60% Mountains of its internal structure with again is a key reason for its location because it is a natural defense barrier. As well as the Wall surrounding it. In total there are 5 Walled Districts around the City itself beginning with the inner wall, to the outer most which in total takes up about a quarter of Trussia Land mass. The Walls themselves were designed and built through an extensive process which took not as long to build. With it system viewed from space it may be thought the Walls took Centuries but it took no even a decade. The Walls themselves at there current state are about 1,000 Stories tall and 5 miles wide. The Internal Structure in many portions as thick and solid made from either, stone, concrete, steal and various other materials making its strength very impressive.

City Districts

With such a large City the Trussian Capitol is divided into various internal Districts to organize itself and establish designated areas for Government, Military, and public use.

Citadel District

The heart and center of the Trussian Capitol the Citadel District is home to the Government Buildings and house all Government branches and its administrations.  It also host a number large political sectors as well as the Citadel the main Capitl Building the houses the Excecutive and Legislative branches and well as Military War and Defense Counsel

Trussian Capitol Citadel

Trussian Capitol Citadel

Primary Capitol Building: The Trussian Citadel


The Citadel is the Largest and priamry Government Building in the Trussian Capitol City.  It houses the Executive and the Legislative Branches of the Trussian Government.  It is heavily defended and garrisoned by Citadel Guards and Military troops.  It features an assortment of shields and a large arsenal of defense Laser Canon and missiles for both ground and air attack.  This is to ensure the Citadels defense and safety to the Goverment.

In addition it has the Primary Office of the Trussian Viceroy and his cabinet which is on the top floor which is the 995th level

In addition the Emperor also has his War Counsel and Military Staff Stationed here in the lower chambers and offices.  This is so he can Run his Military effectively and be Close to his War Generals and Staff when they are needed.  Such as the main Military Generals and Branch Commanders have Offices and Staff here and will be stationed here unless they are in the field leading units or at the Central during extreme emergencies. While the War Counsel which is made up of Trussian War ministers are based on the floor under the Emperors main office so they can lead and advise the Millitary along side him.


How the Trussian Senate Chamber looks

As well as the Senate and Congress are centered in the main Political Chamber in the Central plaza which is in the Central area of the Citadel.  

Political Chamber

The Political Chamber of the Trussian Citadel is the main meeting center for the Trussian Congress and Senate.  This is where all Laws and deliberations are made.  In addtion it houses over 150,000,000 Senators and 500,000 Imperial Congressman.  They are each given a seat of representation for their World, District, or Colonies while the Congressmen are formed delagates and from the Trussia Capitol Planets Cities, States and Moons.  As well as there is a Central Tower where the President of the Congress and Chancellor of the Senate will have their own offices and personal staffs..   When the Emperor himself will attend a session ov congress he will be seated on his Thrown which is centered on the northern wall of the Political Chamber. He will be accompanied by the Viceroy, Grandmaster of the Army, and Ministers from the Trussian War Counsel.  In addition to several bodyguards and various Ministers to support and advise him on issues and situations.

The Congress members and Senators have

Citadel District

housing and offices in the surrounding plazas and areas so they have a place to live and relax while not on duty. As well as many high end resteraunts, spa's, private offices for meetings regarding political situations, issues, and certain laws and reglations they wish to pass pr overturn.

Citadel Guard

The Citadel Guard also known as the Trussian Imperial Guard during the days of the old Trussian Federation is a highly elite Governmental Security Force tasked with Policing and Protecting the Citadel District.  In addition they also serve as body guards, pilots, and, foot soldiers for the security of theTrussian Senate, Congress, and various government officials.  As well as they serve as escort and protection on Diplomatic Missions and meetings for the government.

In addition the Citadel Guard is not part of the T.S.F, and their ranks consist of severl million volunteersm many who are former Military or Police.  They are armed with the Ak-47 Assault Rife Tactical Carbine and equipped with 44 Mag Revolvers and various grenades, electric staffs, Blasters, and Batons equipped with electric probes for crowd control and self-defense. 

As for their Transportation the Citadel Guard use T-39 Variant Gunships for Escorts and transportation and G-36 Gyro

G-36 Gyro-Jet

Craft as Personal carriers, Transports, and if needed combat aircraft and can be equipped with laser and used for bombings.  They use both these craft for transport, protection and Patrol the of the Citadel District as well as transports across the Capitol or various locations around the Trussian Empire.

Transportation Hub

Do to the Trussian Imperials Capitols massive size, the city has a huge transportation hub system.  This spans from a huge trainrailway system across the city with hundreds of train stations. THey span everywhere and offer wuick and quality transportation within the Capitol city.  In addition to places called
Trussian Strain Station
Tele-ports, which are like airports but Individuals can teleport across the city or across the Trussian world, of from its many moons, as even across galaxy.  As well as the highway systems in and around the Capitol is well built and organized to meet the needs of the populations to move from place to place in a effective manner, for those who have personal vehicles.

Residential Districts

Scattered throughout the Trussian Capitol are various Residential Districts, from government and military officials, to local families and students. No matter who, everyone has a home and a job.  All Utilities are paid for as long as you are employed and there is no morgages or rent.  Your home is you home and if you need a change of residence, you may exchange such residence for differant one free of charge.  Housing is free and widley avaliable within the Trussian Empire.  No one is above another within the free society and it is the right if the citizens to have homes, educations and jobs.


Galactic Nation: Trussia

Trussian City Center Citadel District

Ruling Government:  Primary Union

Capitol City:  Trussian Imperial Capitol

Government Type:  Imperial Republic

Head of state:  Emperor

Primary Government Headquarters

Executive: Trussian Citadel/Trussian Imperial Palace

Legislature: Trussian Citadel District

Judicial: Judicial District, Trussian Capitol

Government Branches

Executive Branch of the Imperial Capitol

Flag-designer appspot Trussian Exsecutive Branch

Trussian Executive Branch.

The Executive branch holds the primary power over the Trussian United Union as all power and influence of the governments administration is appointed in this branch.  Such as all Decision making, Laws, and political power is focused through here.  They dictate and decide what the People can or cannot do as well as holding the everything unders its grip.

This is for the reason of security and to uphold Trussian Democracy within its system.  I additon that all power is in one primary area then to be distributed into the following secotrs and government branches.

Primary Executive Leaders

Emperor:  The supreme head of State, Government, and the Military and its armed forces. What the Emperor does is in best interest of his People and Empire all as a whole as well as his word is law.

Viceroy:  Appointed by the Emperor or voted in by the Senate. The Viceroy of Trussia is Second head of state over the enitireb  Executive branch such as the Senate and Congress.  As well as they will lead the Legislature if the Emperor is on differant business regarding other issues, crices, or overseeing the military.

Emperors Imperial Cabinet:  These are the Emperors personal War Ministers, Advisors, and Staff that serve help him and his interests.  In addition many are head of various committees and government departments that oversee important investigations or government work projects

President:  The president of Trussian United Union is an elected offcial by the general assembly as well as by the general public in which favor him/her for the position.  They Themselves will lead and work with the Trussian Capitol Congress to deliberate issues, and pass laws while he and the executive will help enforce them. They are the primary leader for the Trussian Capitol Congress the rues over the Trussian Capitol Planet.  In addition they serve as the main figure for the public eye in adresses and speaking to them in many ways.  Their role is to help address problems and solutions as well as working with the Supreme Chancellor to meet middle ground as well.  In addition they are also the designated head of the Executive branches several departments and serve as the main representative for the Emperor They also have a very strong influence and power over various governing situations and abilities.

Supreme Chancellor:  The Chancellor is the primary head of the legislature branch within the Trussian government and the main speaker/deliberator for the Trussian Galactic Senate.  He speaks, deliberates, and controls peace and order among the thousands of Delegates from the billions of Worlds within the Trussian Galactic Senate.  In addition to overseeing various operations and functions within the legislature such as bringing up new laws, bills, and ideas to improve Trussian society as a whole as a whole. Such as new public works, they will plan out certain projects in a certain area, move it through the Senate and congress and if it is approved then the financial Department will move funds for it to be built.  

Supreme Prime Minister:  The Supreme Prime Minister in Trussia is an elected Official that is head of the Trussian Galtatic Church of Faith (T.C.F)  They preach and bring influence of God and the Bible throughout Trussia and and its empire. They bring  praise and worship alive as they speak and preach the word of God everyday in Trussia as well as maintaining the influence of God and stamping out False religions and Doctrines from corrupting the Trussian People  and their Youth.  As well as they work alongside T.I.C  in maintain the Principles of God, Law and Order within Trussia.

Legislative Branch

Flag-designer appspot Legislatuive Branch

Legislative Branch

The Trussian Legislature is made up of several Governmental Bodies that deliberate on situations, issues and make and vote in laws that will be enforced throughout the Trussian Empire. 

Legislature Bodies and Officials with their positions.

  • Senators: Elected offcials from Trussian Worlds, Districts, and Colonies. They are the backing and hold huge representative power for their worlds and reagions.Becasue of how many Senators there are each one and their represenative body had equal power and say within any situation. THey have abilites to vote in and out of office many officism and conduct certain things such as Majority vote of bringin up and ratifying treasit as such.
  • Congressmen: Elected officials from the Trussian Capitol Planet.
  • Delegation Elite:  Elected officials to the Trussian Church of Faith.These area small but still important majority woth the Trussian Governemtn and they work with the people and with terrotires og how they wish to worship and exapnd they Godly view for the benfit of Trussian and their peoples faith.
  • Congress: Made up of Officials and delegates of the Trussian Capitol Planet. They must be a retired Military/Police official  and they will be chosen and then appointed to Congressional positions and duties by the War Counsel. They conduct work in keeping the nation organized and efficient. As well as the representation and governing over the Trussian Capitol City and its territoires.  The Trussian Congressmen also have majority over the senate is many rulings do to their courts is has and holds mor higher authority od a majority of desicisons and final calls.
  • Senate:  Appointed Senators from the many Worlds and Systems that make up Trussia and its vast empire. They are the voices and representatives of their worlds. They conduct work concerning their worlds interests individually and unites to discuss the current state of the Trussian Galaxy as a whole. Some areas of interests for example are in Galactic Defense and organizing their resources for the economy. In addition other powers they hold is border division (Betwen their specified territoires and that thy are defended properly). In addition other political powers they hold consist of massive order and stabiliaztion of borders, defense of territoires, as well as to keep the rights and safety of all citizens.
  • The Church Delegation:  This the the primary heads of the Trussian Church congregation as they all serve and love God and bring his word to Trussias People and all those who wish to here it.

Judicial Branch: Capitol of Justice


Judicial Branch

The Trussian Judical banch, better known as the Capitol of Justice under the control and oversight of the Trussian Intelligence Commission.Tthey oversee all Judicial proceedings, trials, and Operations regarding Law and Order in Trussia.

The Capitol of Justice is lead by especially assigned T.I.C  Enforcer Class Agents.  They serve as the Judge and Juries for the Trussian court system.  As well as they are stationed at areas throughout the Trussian Empire at every one of its cities and territories. The are primary Judicial forces and very skilled in their assigned field.  Such as if a T.I.C Enforcer wished to become a Capitol Justice they will be trained ad assigned then serve their position as a life long career. They are to find the truth of the matter and deliver propers rulings and Justice as they see fit for any crime or situation.

 Trussian Ministry of Defense

Flag-designer appspot Trussian Military

The Trussian Defense department was in control of the Military and oversee the defense and Military operations throughout the Trussian Empire, The Trussian United Union, its territories and colonial positions.

It is composed of a professional army fielded by the Trussian Government that was well equipped and heavily trained. From the Trussians powerful economy and industrial basin they could field large numbers of troops in the tens of billions if needed or desired. They were equipped quite well to for such a large force from to its infantry small arms to tanks and aircraft. Because if its vast industry and resources the army had an unlimited ability to supply itself. This incorporated that Trussia was also very self sufficient so supplying its forces was basically unchallenged. From this they also incorporated advanced technology such as lasers for small arms blasters rifles use to in its star destroyers. THE Trussian Military would use these attributes to expand its power and influence to every corner of its galaxy. From this it would become the dominant and unchallenged power in Law and Order.


Trussain Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

The Trussian Military and Armed Forces would organize for the protection and defense of Trussia and its people. They are highly organized and very powerful do to constant Wars and conflicts where troops had to be deployed. Currently they are at Peace but still deploy and train troops to be at the ready. As of now they have been engaged in about 50 Minor Wars and various conflicts.   The Trussian Military train and arm themselves at a constant rate, even though the military has been reduced in number it can be increased and trained for any situation when needed. 

What the Trussian Ministry of Defesne jobs is to evaluate the military and keep it up to date on politcal opnion, training, finance, defense operations/training, and overview on its situations.  This department was more newly formed but it is still effective.  It operates under the Emperor, Supreme General, and the War counsal.

Emperor: Supreme Com,ander over all military and police forces.

Supreme Grandmaster: Lead Millitary commander over the Armed forces. Aside from the Emperor they are the most powerful Military officail with their rank only being obtained obtained through Miitary Life Service and then chosen and  appointment by the War Counsel or Emperor.

War Counsel: This counsel is made up of the Trussia Militaries Branch Commanders as well as joining most high ranking Generals made into a Democratic counsel in which to discuss and carry out military operations.

War Minister: A high ranking Military officiall on the War Counsel either voted on by the War Counsel itself or appointed by the Emperor.

Roles and Purposes"

The Primary roles and purposes of the Trussian Minstry of defense is to Uphold Trussian Sovereingty,  Protect Trussian interest (Political, economic and Millitary), maintain order and control over Trussian territories, and defend Citizens and their property in addition to mainting God, Law and Order.

Trussian Intelligence Commission

========T.I.C Flag

T.I.C Flag

Based on God, Law, and Order the T.I.C is a Strict Order that investigates issues and protects Trussia as well as conducting espionage operations. 

They serve the nation as a defense service as well as they bring Stability throughout Trussia medical and educational services.

In addition they also bring Christian worship and influence throughout the Trussian Empire and its people who wish to hear the word of God.

Department of Wealth and Finance


Trussian Department of Wealth and Finance

ADC General Pic

Trussian Capitol District of Wealth and Finance.

Ministry of Culture and Society

Culture and Society

BBBBBBBBBBB Trussian Monistry of Culture

Trussian Ministry of Culture

Department of Science and Technology

Designer appspot-Science and Techonlogy

Department of Poitical and Foreign Affairs

Designer appspot Political Affairs

Ministry of Veteran Affairs

Department of Veteran Affairs

Department of the Interior

Trussian Interior Ministry

Trussian Ministry of Propaganda

Trussian Propoganda Ministry

Trussian Ministry of Propaganda


T.S.B Head Quarters Citadel District: Trussian Capitol

Trussian Security Bureau

The Trussian Security Bureau is a special intelligence division of the Trussian government.  It was created by the Trussian Emperor in the 1st age as a special investigation and securty force for the Executive branch. Its primary functions were to investigate treason, traitors, and conduct antiterrorism operations that would pose  threast to the Trussian government and its Executive heads.  In order to do this the T.S.B agents would go deep undercover in every area within Trussia and in many enemy organizations, then
Flag-designer appspot Trussian Security Bureau

Trussian Security Bureau

report their findings back to the Emperor and Executive leaders.   The amount of agents they had is overwhelming, they have eyes and ears everywhere.  From conduction operations to killing enemies of the state the T.S.B have established themselves as a force that will wipe out any trace of threats to Trussia

This was in order to keep security and stability within Trussia and so that nothing will pose a major threat to their cultures Law and Order.  In order to do this the T.S.B created several branches each with a specific task and function.  In addition the Trussian Emperor also realized that he must make the T.S.B loyal to him and only him, that is why the T.S.B only recruited and operated former Grand Elite.  Do to they have a dying loyalty to the emperor.  With this being a primary factor in the T.S.B this made them even more dangerous do to The Emperor could have anyone close to him investigated and have them quote on quote go missing if needed.  In current time the T.S.B has seen many operations and conducted

Combat Experience and Agent Backgrounds.

In combat a T.S.B agent is more then dangerous opponents, they are malicious phsycopaths that will slaughter anything or anyone in their path.  They have extensive training and experience do to they are former Grand Elite Commandos.  Because of this they are already trained from the years they served though once they go into the T.S.B, they will under go more intense training that focuses more on espionage and close quarters combat.  In addition to this their skills paired with their Grand Elite past make them very skilled and deadly.

As mention before the T.S.B is comprised of all former Grand Elite Commandos and Officers, this is so that their skills and experience can be continued to be used for special missions, investigations, operations.

T.S.B Branches

T.S.B is organized into Ten branches, each tasked and organized for a main field of operations and purpose.

Assassination Core

The Assassination core of the T.S.B were basically the emperors personal killing squad. Anything the Emperor would say they would do it.  The assassination cores main job was to send a message to Takotas inner elite that treason would not be tolerated and that would be by fear and killing if needed. If a highly inner elite personal close to Takota was identified and found to be committing treason, the T.S.B Assassination core would have them killed.  Either through car bombs, sniper, or simply poison is the most common way. 

For example, if Takota is dining with his war Ministers and one Minister has been investigated and found to be committing treason the T.S.B will poison that Ministers food.  This has happened on one known occasional when Takota and his War cabinet were aboard the Trussian Dreadnought the TSS-Hon.   Trussian War Minister Caesar Augusta, Thorannus was found to be selling weapons and almost valuable information regarding Trussian military positions.  If this information got into the wrong hands the entire Trussian navy fleet and its forces would be vulnerable to attack.   Because of such a serious situation Caesar was to be killed for his treason, the reason he down do was because he was a mole and war monger.  Such would not be tolerated so he was poisoned and killed.  In front 58 other Ministers who did not care because of the situation, so they continued eating their dinners.


The eyes and ears of T.S.B, they are lead by an individual known as the "Director".  They see all, know,all, and hear all, when the Emperor needs to know something the T.S.B surveillance will get it to him ASAP.   Their systems and methods are beyond anything ever created, and anything they will see it.


T.S.B Espionage division conducts counter intelligence and undercover in enemy ranks in their governments or organizations.  They take the enemy down from the inside whether through sabotage, strategic planning or just straight up assassinations. T.S.B Espionage agents can be undercover in infiltration for years and no one would ever expect them because they are always in that one position no one would ever expect.

Internal Affairs

When working on Internal Affairs the T.S.B will have their eyes on certain individuals within the Trussian Government, Military, and its own people signs of corruption and treason. If any is proven to be true by one individual or a groups they will be arrested and processed.  Such as if it will revolve around terrorism or a rebellion the T.S.B will put a stop to it one way or another.

Internal Investigations

T.S.B Internal Investigations will look into cases and back-rounds if a suspected individual person or groups is up to no good. Such as with conducting terrorism or treason they will look at the matter and stop it.  In addition they also investigate murders, attacks, and assassination attempts on Trussian Government and Military Personal.  Thanks to them no assassination has ever occurred from a terrorist groups within Trussia. They have foiled hundreds and if not thousands of assassination attempts the would of devastated the Trussians as a whole. So look out as for them and the rest  of T.S.B is watching you and your actions.

Undercover Law Enforcement

T.S.B also functions as a secret police force for the emperor and the Executive branch of the Trussian Government.  Do to their loyalty they will do any job or task without question.  So when they need to uphold Law and Order in Trussian they will not hesitate to do so without question or over course.


When evidence of treason or terrorism is overwhelming and if it is from inside Trussia itself the Officials will be Re-Educated by the greatness and forgiveness of the Trussian Emperor.  How T.S.B Re-Educates is unknown but is it 100% effective and that person they did it to will be forever great-full to the Emperor for re-blessing them.


T.S.B has a 100% accuracy rate for interrogating prisoners with its system.  Anything they need to know they will find out in just seconds. Though they will keep their prisoner waiting in a cage or interrogation chamber for days just to scare them or for a good laugh.  How  they get information is simple, they just do a scan and take the Individuals memories of what they are accused of.  Such as if they are accused of murder, the T.S.B will scan their brain and if it he has the memory of Killing the person then the T.S.B have all the evidence they need in less then 20 seconds.  Though the T.S.B will not be easy on the individual if they are guilty they will pound away at them until they confess just as a fun thing to do.  As well as they do not resort to torture at any pint, they are much to civilized for that. 

Special Agent Division

The T.S.B Special Agent Division was full of top Grand Elite shock troopers. These agents we highly trained and highly effective, they served as additional body guards and ground troops for T.S.B. forces for various situations. Though not much else is known or who they really are or what else they do.  It is shrouded is secret but they are very skilled and dangerous in warfare.


The Trussian Internal Revenue Commission is a special branch of the T.S.B. They are tasked in investigating theft of personal and federal funds as well as they are in charge of guarding production plants that print, manufacture, and distribute Trussian Currency.  In addition the T.I.R.C also runs security banks as well as banks robberies.  Since theft from a bank is considered a Federal Crime T.S.B is tasked with this overview.  As well as they also track counterfeit money, manufacturing, and distribution along with the rings who do it. 

T.S.B Weapons

Butterfly Knife: A favorite if the Trussian Security Bureau the Butterfly knife is effective and deadly.  Many agents use this as it is basic and very concealable tool for pursuading or intimidation. Though be warned an agent carrying one of these has far more chances and abilities in a fight then a oponet or opponnets with a firearm.

Butterfly knife

10 Auto-4


MP-45:  The Bureaus main Sub-Machine Gun, this weapon can be seen with them during fire-fights, assaults, or tactical operations.  It features a variety of options from optics to lasers sights.  As well as it offers the power of a Machine gun with the smaller size of an MP.



Tokarev: TT-33 is a comon favorite among the T.S.B.  It is simple and deadly, just the way they like it.

Machete: The Machete, another nice and basic weapon carried by the T.S.B agents are easily concealed and ready to use for assualts and assasinations.

Sentinel Lightsaber 1 by broodofevil

Golden Light Saber

Light Saber:  Another favorite of the Trussian Security Agents this is a very well crafted and valuble weapon.

Uually carried by high ranking or very skilled agents. When they are wielding a Light Saber this means they are unstopable in combat. As well as they are in for the kill. They would not disable but fully kill their target.

As well as the typical color seen the T.S.B Agents carry is a Gold color signifing their rank and political status.  Such as agents tto the government and servants willing to sacrifice their lives and guardd the Emperor.

401px-SIG SG 553-2

Sig Sauer Tactical Carbine

Sig SG 550 Tactical Carbine. 

Using the 5.56-45mm and a 30 Round Magazine, the SIG SG 550 is the T.S.B's main assault rifle when in close quarters and fire fights. As well as it fire up to 750 RPM and is very deadly. FN-FAL



The FN-FAL is no typicaly seen in use by T.S.B operatives do to they operate in urban and close quarters situation, but they have access when they need more hard hitting fire power.


The T.S.B Variant is a very stripped and basic model, nothin to fancy nor great about it.  They typicaly would use it as a support weapon or when operating in wooded or larger open areas.  It is very accurate, but lacks full auto mode. This is due to the FAL's 7.62-54 MM round is to powerful fi the mode itself.  It also eatures a carry handle and a mount for a scope and bayonet as well.


Trussia is notable and gifted for having many different resources and usable materials it mines and harnesses for its own use.

Something interesting is that Trussia has many Oil reserves but it has become almost outdated as Hydrogen and Helium has replaced it as trussias main fuel source for its all its Vehicles and various systems. A few advantages to Hydrogen and helium is that they are plentiful as well as they can never run out or be cut off as Trussia has thousands of reserves and mining operations mining it.

Other Resources also include Plasma Ore, and Nitrogen gas mining for its Military and local Economy as well.

These Helium and Hydrogen gases prove vital to Trussias infrastructure to help it run smoothly and effect, such as from its basic electric grid to fulling up a car or Military Craft..  Helium and Hydrogen power just about everything it Trussia and from the Trussians mining and refining capabilities it can make the smallest amount last for months.

Trussia gets all of its Hydrogen and Helium from Gas Giants through throughout is various Cores.  These Gas Giants are the size of Jupiter and Saturn and some are even bigger or smaller.  Trussia many times will drop down a Space Station to orbit the Gas giants, and from there a crew will use the station as a refinery and factory in which it will collect,harness/refine, and distribute the refined Hydrogen Helium through out its Empire.  This has proved very effective and success full because Oil is plentiful but to primitive for its use.  So it has made a switch as well as something unique about the hydrogen and Helium in Trussia Universe is that is contains a material known as T_Y85c which is a molecular structure giving it a more power full and pure nature.  The rest of it is classified but from the Molecular structure the Gases can be controlled and changed to fit Trussias Fuel needs.  Such as it can be change to conduct electricity as it powers 99.9% of all Trussian Electrical Grids.


Trussia also boasts vast Industry in fishing/farming/livestock, mining, manufacturing, and its most famously known Military Complex which provides a number of Weapons and bases for its Military.

As well as Trussias many worlds and territories also hold various Industries to support themselves and Trussias economy as a whole.

Vital Industries.




Plasma ore



Weapons: Guns/Knifes---Swords/ammunition


Ships and Vessels

Various Goods

Luxury Goods

Research&Development Technology




Metal Fabrication


One of, if not the most important Industries in Trussia.  There are some of the most vital as they provide all the food Sources for the Trussian Empire from fishing its deep seas, from Milking fresh milk, to growing the freshest fruits and vegetables in the Trussia.  As well as 3400 Worlds alone in Trussia grow grain which is vital for Trussias Bread supply which every citizen is guaranteed food for their hard work and labor for their Empire.  The Food Supply and stockpiles of Trussia could feed more then 1,000 Galaxies with its plentiful wealth.

Military Industrial Complex.

Another Vital piece for Trussias defense and expansion is its Military Industrial Complex. IT supplies 85%% of all Jobs and resource unification for the Empire as well as all Manufacturing for the Military and its bases.


Trussia has Three main companies each tasked with a unique and specific Job the organize and mobilize a specific industry for Trussia as well as many smaller companies and organizations within themselves to expand the Jobs and free marketing.

Bio Tech Industries

Primary Industry: Technology manufacturing, Research, and development.

Trussias main Technology firm. IT develops, tests and builds all of Trussia's advanced technology as well as it is its leading Research and Develop Company under T.I.C and its brilliant agents.

Trussia Federal Corporation

Primary Industry: Design and testing

Trussias main corporation that designs architecture, Weapons/Vehicles and tests various weapons and goods for the Army and General Public.

Trussian Defense Industries

Primary Industry: Manufacturing, Mining, and Refining resources and general Goods.

This Company manufactures Weaponry for the Military/Public as well as Vehicles, ships, textiles, Food, meat, grain, Luxury Items, Cars/Trucks, building, Mining, manufacturing refining for Trussias Military Government, Citizens, and Empire as a whole.



T.M.G.E Tower.


The Trussian Economy is runned and controled by the Trussian Ministry of Economics. It is their job to run and regulate the economy as well as organize resources from the Trussian Empire and its Territoires to keep it stable and properous. In addition they also work in copoeration with the Congress and Senate as well as Trussias Corporations to what needs to be manufactured, produced, and refined.  As well as that enough food is grown, raised, and harvested to be supplied to its people at a fair price.

Main Exports


Guns/Weapons of various types.



Food of various kinds

Luxury Items

Economy Overall

The Trussian Economy is both strong, prosperous and  a vast powerhouse on the intergalactic stage and has remained that way for centuires.  It has grown to be fully self-suffiicent and stable no matter what situation has came both good or bad for the Trussias.  Its Economy grows and prospers around the clock with is various industires and with its elaberate 795 economic system it is impossible to go into decline.

Economy Type

Trussias economy is a mix of government controlled and free enterpirse depending on the political situation.  Such as if Trussian is at piece then the economy will transition to a free enterpirse system.  If Trussian has a major War or conflict then the economy will be controled and regulated by the government.  This means all privately owned businesses will be under government control while the main companies already owned and runned by the government will form under a Military Industrial Complex.

Trussias Military Industrial Complex based Economy'

With Trussias long history of constantly fighting in major Wars it has adapted its economy and has always had it been heavily been based on a Military Industrial Complex. This system has dominated for centuries and it still does today in Trussias society and culture when it was needed. The main reason for this style for its industry and economy is so that Trussia will stay ahead on defense and armaments. The Trussians vowed never to fall behind on defending itself from its enemies.  Becasue of this Trussia has entered arms races and Wars where they would out produce their enemies in everything from Weapons to tanks and ships.   In the aftermath of these situations the Trussians would always have overstocks, from there they would create armories and vaults throughout Trussian with stockpile of weapons, ammunition, and med supplies.   This from over 20,000 year have given Trussian a major advantage in a War, do to they have millions of reserve equipment and supplies they can use in addition to mas producitng more.  Trussia is prepared for any conflict. Though the only purpose for this system is for the ready defense fo Trussian its people.

The Capitol of Justice: Law and Order


Capitol of Justice

The Capitol of Justice is the Primary Judiciary Section of Government for Trussia as well as the dealer of Justice and upholder of the Law and Order. It with ithe Capitol Justices and Security force of Trussia are fast, efficient, and brutal in their actions. 

The Primary Headquarters of the Capitol of Justice is located in the Judicial District of the Trussian Capitol City and it also borders the T.I.C and T.S.F Police Districts which is in the City Center close to Takotas Palace and the Citadel and other primary Government Branches.

Minister of Justice

The Minister of Justice is the primary head of the Capitol of Justice. His primary job is to Uphold policy on criminal law for courts and prisons, as well as defending on peoples legal rights.


The Process of the Trussian Judical System is swift, efficient, and just. All systems are set to a high standard and kept in a very efficient order.


All citizens of the Trussia Empire gurenteed a fast tand just trial.  Under the Trussian Constitution Courts were established in order to uphold Law and Order.


All Justices within the Trussia court system are appointed to a life position in thier field as well as assigned to a specified court of their ecpertise.  All Justices are T.I.C Enforcer Class Agents specially trained in the matters of Law and Order as well and how to be a Judge Jury, and is some cases an Executioner.


Within the Trussian Judical system Law and Order is to be upheld as well as within the Capitol of Justices there is a no tolerance policy.  This regards all laws and proceedings, as well as when an individuals is sentenced this is within a final ruling which cannot be verturned.


Floggings:  In Trussia any Criminal or Offender of any Class can be Flogged in Public or private sentences as a form of punishment.  This is one of the oldest forms in Trussia and yet most rare.  In a sense it is cruel but in another sense the Capitol of Justice never outlawed it do to it is very effective.  So in this sense the Trussian Security Force can arrest and flog any criminal as well as they are also issued a Light Whip.  This is a light saber made to have a  singal whip or up nine indivudual tails many T.S.F Officers do not carry them, but Romulus Claw carries one on his belt, so watch out.

Trussian Laws

Military Service is Mandatory.

Murder, shall be dealth with mandatroy execution

Molestation, murder, or any crime desicrating a child will be dealth with public execution.

Obediance is expected

Crime against the government is forbidden.

Threatning the Emperor or government officials is forbidden.

Images and symbols of dragons are forbidden.

Rebelion against the system is forbidden.

All Religions are band, illegal, and forbidden as well as assembly of such practices.  There is only one God, the one true God!!!!

Polytheism is band throughout the Galaxy, in all reaches and within all territoires subject to the Trussian Imperial Capitol.

Sloth is forbidden

Dishonoring ones mother and father is forbidden

Theft is forbidden

All Citizens have the right the own, keep, and bear arms under the Trussian Constitution.




K-12 Education

T.I.C Education District, Trussian Capitol

Middle and High School Educations

College and Universities

Trussian Youth Cadet Core: T.Y.C.C

The Trussian Youth Cadet Core is a youth organization meant to train, care, and form the minds of Trussias young youth through education, athletics, and various programs to expand their minds for the future generations. of it is based on the Principles and foundations of the Bible combined with Military Discipline in order for the kids to be obedient and respectful.

Military Capabilities

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Trussian Military Power



Trussian Media

Healthcare and Medicine


T.I.C Medical District, Trussian Capitol.


Trussian Capitol Orchestra

The League of Galaxies or S.G.S: Senate of Galactic States.

Flag-designer appspot Senate of Galaitc States

S.G.S Flag

The Senate of Galactic States was a Intergalactic body that was created by several allied Galactic Powers and Empires in order to maintain peace and stability among themselves and their interests.  They were founded in a time of Peace after the 700 Years War where the Trussian Empire and its allies came together and formed a senate that also aids each other in a defense pact as well as an attempt to reduce poverty and suffering.  As Trussia left its war torn past it also found itself and many other allies that also were trying to get past a War torn past, so they all came together for a greater good to establish a front for peace, self defense, and Justice.  Trussia was the largest supporters and main founders of the S.G.S so they gave many donations and large support efforts as well as its founding members.  Today the S.G.S is a for front of Democratic representation and support both in Military and Financial situations as well as spreading freedom and Stability.


S.G.S is was founded on Principles of Peace, Stability, and Order, each power within the S.G.S is to maintain this along with each Galactic State in order to have Peace and Harmony amongst each other.  In addition that each of the Members from small Micro Galaxies to Vast Galactic Empires also have a place to deliberate and solve issues without going to war.

The S.G.S was founded by the Trussian Empire, Tross Republic, and the United Federal Galaxy, each gave support and aid during major war periods among themselves. In the aftermath of each of their major War periods Trussia was the largest Power that laid mainly untouched from its War Era.  The Tross Republic though was in Financial Ruins from a all out war while the U.F.G laid in ruins after a costly Civil War.  Because of this they came together to for the Senate of Galactic States in order to establish a system of Mutual defense and Stability among themselves.  As Trussia Entered its Great Era of Peace it became a Dominant power of the group. So with this it had a majority of power with its Standing Army and Economy which its used to help rebuilt its allies.  With this the Tross Republic and the U.F.G built up their own economies and military power and now they both have become Strong and powerful.  Among this the big three powers all voted to Mutual Defense among each other as well as a non intervention and a terms of Isolation.  This is meaning that they will not get involved in a large scale conflict again or War outside their systems.  As well as maintaining Isolation from other Galaxies in terms of Politics and Economics.  In addition each system made trade with each other forbidden, this is in order to maintain and in-courage Growth and Stability amongst themselves and be a self reliant Galactic Power.  From this it has become a very successful political system of Peace, in any major case of conflict or threat the S.G.S came together and found an end to the problem or a solution the benefits everyone.


The S.G.S years after its this has gained more members at around 25 Main Galactic Powers and 100 Protectorates which consists of all Galactic Colonies that are being built and groomed for Galactic State Hood.  In addition to 85 Neutral members, this means the Neutral members have and maintain representation on the Senate but in a major case they will vote a non intervention according to that Senators Home Government and its current polices.  Trussia is one of these members even though it is a main power and member, but do to their current act of Isolation they are not willing to get further involved with others political issues.  This puts the Senate at around 210 current members so it has 210 Senators in its power.  They at current time are just to Deliberate issues and solutions of various Problems they face and to make much needed improvements in others.  Such as ending poverty and encouraging Education and Healthcare for everyone in their systems.

Main Governing power

If any reason Military Force is needed, the S.G.S Senate will respond with a Vote for Military action or vote for a Declaration of War. The S.G.S Representative body itself cannot form a Military force,  but what it can do is Unite and dispatch Troops from the Reining members under a Elected Supreme Commander.  As well as any Supreme head of the a joining powers can act in full with their Military which is usually the case.  They will not hesitate to use Military force or stand for any threats on itself or its members. They will unite and defend their homes with full Military Action and Economic Support from small issues to an all out War. Each member maintains a large standing Armies fully equipped with modern Weapons and stockpiles of reserves.

Mutual Act of Defense

Under the Founding Ideas of the "S.G.S Formation Act" all Members will act and Support one another if they are in a state of War or under threat or siege from any outside threat. The Senators and Supreme Leaders of the member Powers will all converge and vote for an act of War that will be by full mobilization by all members

Political Body and system

S.G.S is a Senate composed of 210 Senators that represent their Galaxy or Colony, and they converge within their main Chambers on issues and current situations.   They are a Democracy under strict Laws, Rules, and Order and will keep their power maintained and stable in order to keep the Peace .

The S.G.S is lead by an Elected President which will lead the S.G.S for every Quarter Year until new elections are held.  The S.G.S elects its President from the existing Pool of Senators and that elected Senator and their representative Galaxy will serve the S.G.S as the main leader for its term.  In addition the Presidency in the S.G.S serves for a very short term, this is because a balance of power is to be kept for the S.G.S does not have any Member dominating the others.  Such as if a President would become corrupt and give their Government Power over the entire system. So it serves as a fail safe system.

In addition the S.G.S is a an legislative body only, the Executive and Judicial will be maintained by the Respected and individual governing members. 

Leauge of Galaxies Capitol City

In order to stabilize peace and maintain balance within the S.G.S Maintains their Capitol at a fellow members designated territory and it is moved every 2 years. This is do to keep a strict balance so that no one power becomes a threat to the other members in the league.  So because of this and security reasons the Capitol will be moved and maintained every two years at a different Location

Their Current Capitol is in Trussia at the City of Lang-rung on the moon Red-Jong that orbits the Trussia Middle Core world Fire-Ore, which is a heavily Garrisoned world for the Trussian Navy and Military.

Past S.G.S Capitols

Trussian Imperial Capitol: Trussia

Thy-lang City: Trost Republic

Leauge State Guard
EL-16HFE blaster rifle


The State Guard is a Volunteer Security Force tasked with Guarding the S.G.S Senate building and its Senators and President.  They act as body Guards and security for the .S.G.S as well as escorting them on diplomatic missions or from world to world.  Their ranks consist of some 120,000 Guards formed into various squads each tasked with a certain job.

The El-16 Blaster Rifle is the Standard Issue Weapon for the Leauge State Guard. As the Standard Issue Rifle they can be seen with carrying it as well as it holds up to 500 shots, a folding stock, and Scope.  In addition the S.G.S State Guard can be seen with Blue and Orange Body Armor.