The Religion Reformation Edit

During the 95th Dynasty, Trussia was in a state of Reformation. From this would come the Trussian Revolution, then in the aftermath the Trussia Religious Reformation. Trussia would establish a new order based on new principles, laws, and rules in order to establish a safe and secure society. As well as to secure their past and establish a furture on Law and Order. 


In the process and aftermath of the Religiius Reformations, Trussia would hereby outlaww all religion from their Galaxy.  All were to abide by this or face punishment by the Trussian Capitol of Justice.  No religon was allowed, all practices were banned and outlawed. This was put in place by the Trussian Monarchy and enforced by the Trussian Military Police as well and the Trussian Intelligence Comission with their religous police of the Sentinels, Enforcers, and Guardians. Soon complete obedience would be established throughout the Trussian territories.


From this Trussia would establish Tri-Qualm, not as a religion, but as a system of faith and purity. Tri-Qualm was a system of faith based of God, Law, and Order.  As well as based on teachings that God is above all, he is the ruled and creator of the universe without question. From this as his followers are to believe and worship God, as well as obey his Law and through this will come order. From Order peace will ensue and so will the Grace of God will come upon all for all enternity with his love no one shall die, but be reborn from the ashes.

Tri-Qualm PhilosophyEdit

  • God is the Creator of the Universe and ruler over all.
  • One is to love and worship God without question.
  • One is to be Obedient to God without question
  • Through God we shall have Law
  • Through Law we shall have Order
  • Through Order we shall have the Grace of God
  • Through the Grace of God we shall have his love
  • Through his Love we shall have peace.
  • Through his peace we shall be no death.
  • With no Death, we shall live,
  • Live to Love and serve our Lord and Savier,
  • As we serve him we shall never die, but instead one shall be reborn from the ashes.