The Tri-Kingdom wargames is an annual training between the Trussian, Cazathan and the Korriban Empires

About Edit

To strengthen the military ties of the 3 kingdoms. The Kingdom of Cazatha has an Idea to have a wargames to test their latest tech and weapons along with a mock warfare. notably Held in the Province of Habazante in the North-eastern Regions of Cazatha. The Kings along with their high General heads to the province to oversee the wargame which strengthens the relations of each Kingdoms and Empires

Participants Edit

Cazatha Edit

The Cazathan Armed forces lead by Supreme General Andres is sending the Following untis.

  • 45 Conscripts
  • 45 PeaceKeepers
  • 15 Guardian Tanks
  • 15 Tsunami Tanks
  • 5 Apollo Fighter Squadrons
  • 2 Field Commanders(Kenji and Giles)

Trussia Edit

The Trussian Military and Armed Forces War Counsel has voted to send in its Grand Navy, Royal Airforce and Ground Forces to take part within the excercises lead by their Supreme emperor.

  • 1Trussian Built Vanator Class Starfighter Carrier
  • 2 Hammerhead light escorts frigates.
  • 40 Gunships
  • 24 All Terrain Tactacal Enforces battle Tanks
  • 85 Infantry Soldiers
  • 12 Grand Elite Troops
  • 2 fighter Squadrons (420 Fighters and Bombers.
  • 1 Grand Admiral
  • 1 Vice Admiral
  • 2 Generals.

Korriban Edit

The Korriban Royal Army and the Korriban Grand Air Force lead by High General Rawlinson and High Air Marshal Peralta is sending the following units.

  • 1 ion cannon
  • 35 recruits
  • 55 veterans
  • 10 Plasma tanks
  • 5 heavy Plasma ranks
  • 1 heavy Gunship
  • 3 GR-36s
  • 2 squadrons of F926 (5 per squadron)
  • 1 Field Marshal