Tirchai is a male OC created by User:SmokythePolicePup.


Tirchai is a war Veteran who lost an arm and leg in a battle. Once a brave heroic wolf. He'd lead his soldiers to several victories. Until one day in battle, a small explosive went off which made his right arm and left leg so bad that they had to be surgically removed. When he got home, he discovered his girlfriend left and took all his money. He ended up losing his house. With no way of making an income, he took to living in the alleys of the capital city. He resulted to begging for change or food. Most of the time he begged for death but it never came. His one dream is to find a way to serve his country again and restart his life


Tirchai is a medium sized black-furred wolf. He has one arm and one leg as the others were blasted off by an explosive. He has two yellow-colored eyes.


Tirchai was once a very proud wolf. He used to walk in confidence due to his many achievements in war. He won numerous medals and was highly respected. Once he lost his limbs, he turned into a scared miserable wolf. Living on the streets gave him chronic depression and he begs for death as he can't stand what he's become. He just wants to serve his country.


  • His ex-girlfriend stole all of his money.
  • He only has one arm and one leg.
  • He lives on the streets in the capital city begging for food and money.
  • He is a war veteran.
  • He has chronic depression
  • His name was the most random name I can think of.

Military Service Edit

Soldier: Tirchai

Unit: 39th Infantry Core

Service Number: 775>

Rank: Infantry Captain

Date joined: 37th day of the 20th age of the 2nd month

Overview: Tirchai, is highly trained in paw to paw combat as well as with knifes and firearms. He is noted for bravery and high moral for him and his soldiers. He is united, free and brave, he would sacrifice himself for anyone and anything when called forth. After gaining high marks and being awarded the Phoenix cross but then he was then discharged from service, but event after lead him to be MIA for one full year. He was pronounced dead until Police found him a year later begging in an ally. He was taken for treatment and awaiting what the future holds for him.