This has to do from the Aftermath from The Seven hundred Years War and new joy for Takota in his life from a Great Gift from God.

Only From Darkness can we move into light and when we are in the Light we are Then forever Eternal to God our God, Thankyou for my Blessings Lord Thank you-Takota.


I Remember when I found him, so small and Scared and When I took him to his new Home as he was Nervous and Timid. Now that I realize is this is Gods Plan for him to come to me. I remember when he first started Walking as he came up to one night and curled up in a ball on my back and fell asleep. As I woke the Next Morning I saw this little Fur ball on my back and was the cutest thing I had ever seen. For a Time though all I did was fight and fight but now as I look at him I can relax and settle down as Peace has come besides little trouble here and there. I would look after him and he would for me my life has change for the Better and I had become a Father to my Son Speeder. As the first few years came and went Speeder grew and loved me he would cry and be timid but he was strong and I knew it. One Day I took Speeder to the Mythical city of Carthra as my Court wanted to see this strange Child I found. When they saw him they all removed their hoods and in response Speeder turned to them, smiled and did a summersault. He was still so small and the Court of Miracles cried for him and Blessed him with a great gift. He turned to me and said Dad, I love you!, up to that point he never spoke. In response I picked him up and gave him up, hugged and told him that I loved him to. My eyes filled with tears as I never felt so much in a Long time. My Brother and Sister came as well and just exploded like I never have seen as they loved him as much as I did. The Day was amazing as I played and Played with him in Cartha's Gardens and he even learned how to swim. That day was amazing it was a Great Day from God! When the Day ended I took hinm to a room to sleep and he curled up as he always does, he looked up at me and said Good night Dad I love you and he was of to sleep. I hugged him and went to my room to sleep. Thank you God for this little Miracle I can call my Son Thank you God my King!!!!!!!


20th age 7th century 13th day 15th year 7-13-15