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Comet Fire: Hello and welcome back to Trussian National News, I am you host Comet Fire, and today we present to you the Emperor of the Nations and President of the Primary Union Takota James, and his Yearly address.  Now as I turn your attention over to our Emperor, remeber, Praise God, Praise Jesus, and heil to the Emperor. This is Comet Fire signing off.

Takotas Address, Edit

Takota: Hello, Military Leaders, Police Officals, and Great Citizens across Trussia, today is a special Day, because since the Revolution, The Rebellions, and the Great War Era, we have known only pain and strife, but now today marks the 2,000th year of Peace in this great era.

Peace that was fought for long and hard and we shall remember the past and look to the future, as well as Peace has a cost and that cost has been paid and now we live in a day in age of no fear or war.

This is in part, is thanks to all of you, as you work and contribute to the system and in return the system will feed and protect you and our society.

This is part of our great Solidarity, Perfections, and Unity for all and one another, all for the common good of God, Law and Order which is the contributing factors of law in our Nation and Empire.

As well as to Trust and obey and do not resist, this will lead to to a path of anger and arrogance which will not be stood for, be happy of your place and you freedom, help others and above all, be obedient to him and the Authority he gave us!

May, God bless Trussia, The Military, The police,, and all of us, thank you one and all.

Transmission ended