History Edit

Surefire never met his parents. He was still an egg when he was given to Hankerman.

His father was shown what was coming and he gave his only son to Hankerman to protect the dragon race also as a condition of granting the dragon scale to forge the Sword of Korriban. Not understanding why Hankerman was given the egg, he took it and rose the hatchling as his companion and friend. Later realising why he was given the egg as he saw the dragons get wiped out. After some thought he decided to name the young dragon, Surefire.

Not many know the existence of the last dragon and the KSE want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

Facts Edit

  • He's almost the same age as Hankerman.
  • After being told what had happened to his family, he despises the Trussians.
  • He has a massive temper.
  • Wants revenge but keeps getting convinced by the Royal family.
  • He protects one of the 4 crystals of Prince's dark power.
  • Very close connection with Paxus and Haig.