The Star Core is a revolutionary piece of enginering developed by both the Trussian Empire and the Tri-on Federaion. 
The Star Core within itself was wither a fully shruken star of through the use of Physics Manipulation, a common scientific practice of Trussians and Tri-ons in order to create a minature star. The minature or shruken starin istelf would be held within a reactor and from there, the stars power can be harnessed from and infinite source. Though this took years in the making from hard work and research, the outcome was worth it for both factions. As the Tri-ons had a new infinite source of energies for their cities, while the Trussians had a new source to power their Star Cruisers, such as the TSS Black Phoenix which in itself measured 85,000 meters.  From the contributions of both Factions, the Tri-ons were able to create the science possible for such a task, while the Trussia with their massive industry capabilites and resources were able to engineer and create the reactors needed to contain such power as that of a star.