Salem is a male Grey Wolf and is created by/owned by SmokythePolicePup. He resides in Trussia.


Salem has a shady past. He was wrongly accused of burglery when he was younger leaving him to spend a few months in the pound. Since then, he has been quiet and keeps to himself. He is reluctant to make friends as he doesn't trust many people. He is set on getting revenge against the pup who got him sent to the pound.


Salem is a grey wolf who has grey fur covering his body with the exception of under his muzzle which has white fur. He has dark blue eyes and has a scar on his front left leg after a fight with another dog in the pound. He wears a dark grey cloak over him to keep his body and face from being seen by surveillance.


Salem is a quiet wolf. He tends to blend into the crowd when out in public. He doesn't trust anyone since he was sent to the pound for a crime he didn't commit. Before that, he was a happy, fun-loving wolf. When confronted, he could be quite aggressive due to being attacked in the pound.


  • He moves to Trussia after being released from the pound.
  • He doesn't trust others
  • He doesn't want surveillance to see his face so he wears a hooded cloak.
  • He wants revenge against the pup who sent him to the pound.
  • He's Hubcap's teacher and a friend of Takota