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To all my brothers and sisters all around the planet. I, Paxus, son of Ethan the disloyal, have accepted to lead you to the unknown of space and to expand the Korriban Star Empire beyond the stars. With the Sword of Korriban I vow to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Under my protection the galaxy will be. Under my protection the universe will be. If I'm ever to abuse my powers I will abdicate my powers for the greater good of the Empire and my people. But I do solemn swear that it will never happen. For the Empire. For the people. For Korriban. - On Paxus' coronation.

History Edit

Paxus was born in a racist environment under the control of the Hun. Three weeks after his birth he met Haig and became best of friends soon brothers. At the age of 2 Paxus and Haig joined the Resistance founded by Paxus' father, Ethan. After Ethan's death all dogs turned against the Hun, turning the Resistance into a full sized army therefore starting the Korriban Civil War with Paxus as their chosen leader. When the war was won Paxus established the birth of the KSE as High Lord of all the Empire.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Natural sence: Paxus was born with this gift. Allows him to sence every living thing around him and dead (when they appear) and identify what species they are if he knows what they are.

Animal transformation: Can transform into any animal he desires.

Demon transformation: Can unleash the demon within him when it's needed or when losses control.

Demon fire by dragonitka

The Sword of Korriban: Grants him many powers but his power is limited in using them.

Eternal life: Given to him by his unknown Grandfather.

Belongings Edit

British Spitfire (advanced version)


White Bull Tank (still in tests)


Sword of Korriban- Given by his unknown Grandfather as a birthday gift ( 5th birthday )

Lightning sword by shadow696-d3a67w1

Sword of Korriban

Paxus Palace Edit


Paxus Palace

Paxus palace was built by his people as a gift for guiding them to victory through the Civil War. The Palace is very large though not very tall. There are many rooms though there is one that no one is allowed to enter unless they are given permission. The room is called the 'Hall of Relatives', inside lies each family member that has passed away.

Family Edit

Smith (son)

Bruna (sister)

Nathan (uncle)

Hankerman (grandfather)

Friends Edit









Trivia Edit

  • His Demon Form was Defeated by Andres.