History Edit

Nathaniel is a very secret pup, he's not very open to his past. He thinks that Paxus isn't unlocking the full might of the KSE and therefore he grabbed a large group who have the same views and he forged the Korriban Black Hand. They want to overthrow the current government and establish a new reborn government who will demonstrate their full power towards others and strike fear into their souls. As they will make the KSE the dominant force of the galaxy.

Apprentices Edit

Lane- His very first learner under his wing. She is a excellent fighter. Where she's from is unknown. She is also an excellent leader and very smart.

Rom- His second learner. Also a good fighter and Smith's rival. Used to be Smith's best friend and now his worst enemy. Where he's from is the same place Smith is. An excellent stealth agent, a veteran pilot and scientific genius.

Random facts Edit

  • Nathaniel has forged an alliance with Chark.
  • Nathaniel used to be a General before he made the Hand.