Caste SystemEdit

Insect TypesEdit

  • Supreme
  • Coloinal Queens
  • Hormone Senitnels
  • Super Royal Warriors
  • Royal Warriors
  • Tank Bugs
  • Flame Throwers
  • Infectors
  • Colonial Warriors
  • Workers
  • Chariats
  • Choppers
  • Droins
  • Collectors


Magnolium Colonies are built in many various ways, based around the Planets the Magnoliums have decided on inhabiting. Within a Magnolium Colony the nest will be focused around the Central Chamber. Within a Central Chamber will be the Hundreds of Queens and Drions mating and laying eggs. From here workers will take the egges to various nurseries where once hatched the grubs will enter a various faction depending on which droin the queen mated with. From here there will be hundreds upon hundreds of intersecting tunnels, how and where the Magnoliums will have the colony set up is still a mystery( Though it is thought to be similar to that of a Bee or Ant Colony).  Primary do to how heavily guarded most colonies are as Trussia Scientists have only been able to examine extinct or dead Magnolium Colonies. From these few exploration of dead Magnolium Colonies though most sections have collapsed over time, it is known that the Magnoliums have a very complex and civil society. Such as some chambers have been discovered small rivers while other chambers are used for sleeping, Nurseries, food growing, as well as one chamber Trussians discovered is thought to be a communal dinning haul. The construction of such Colonies of such a large insect species is truly quite amazing as well as complexity of such a strange society.

Military ForcesEdit