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History Edit

After the Civil war, and the birth of the KSE. The High Lord established the Korriban Star Empire Military or KSEM for short. Majority of the population joined the new military order quickly making it a 13 trillion army. All with exceptional training and high obedience and ready for any type of terrain, space, air or sea.

Galactic Armada Edit

Super Star Ships Edit

Eclipse Super Star Destroyer Edit

Length: 50,000m
Eclipse starship

KSE Dreadnought

Speed: 940G

Weapons: One super laser

550,000 heavy turbo-lasers

500,000 turbo-lasers

600,000 point defence

750 heavy ion cannons

10 gravity well projectors

100 tractor beams

Crew: 710,000

Gunners: 4,200


Hangar capacity: 10,000,000 fighters

E.O.O: Owned by the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Salvaged and rebuilt by the KSE at Kuat Drive Yards.

Bio: The largest in the empire and possibly the most powerful ship in the universe, the Eclipse has the capacity of destroying entire enemy fleets. Its super laser is capable of disintegrating anything including the TSS Hon( sorry Takota), and strikes fear into the hearts of its enemies. Gravity well projectors to stop enemies from warping away and tractor beams to keep them from escaping. This ship shall be the only one in its existence as the blueprints were destroyed. The High Lord commands this directly in the bridge. This is the high command ship, and the flag ship of one of the the most powerful fleets in the KSE.

Ship can be destroyed if heavily outnumbered (Trussian Navy for example) so it has to have a support fleet to back it up when having big naval space battles.

Cargo(army): 6,000,000 troops

450,000 armour(vehicles)

Viscount Star Defender Edit

Lenght: 45,000m

Viscount Star Defender

KSE Viscount

Speed: 960G

Weapons: 440,000 heavy- turbolasers

400,000 turbolasers

500,000 point defence

600 ion cannons

75 tractor beams

Crew: 690,000

Gunners: 3,900

Shields: 20,000,000

Hangar capacity: 8,500,000 fighters

Bio: This ship was designed by Captain Ricardo Falcon. With the High Lord's permission he put the ship into construction in Mon Calamari. With the help of the locals the ship became the tank of the Galactic Armada packed with a special ability to help through out battle. As it was Falcon's creation the High Lord transferred his command to the all new Viscount Star Defender. The second most powerful ship in the KSE and also the second largest.

Cargo(army): 5,500,000 troops

300,000 Armour (vehicles)

Bellator Star Dreadnought Edit

Length: 30,000m

SSD bellator

KSE Bellator

Speed: 1000G

Weapons: 400,000 heavy turbolasers

390,000 turbolasers

450,000 point defence

200 ion cannons

50 tractor beams

Crew: 620,000

Gunners: 3,900

Shields: 10,000,000

Hangar capacity: 7,000,000 fighters

Bio: This is the Eclipse bodyguard. This is the third largest ship in the KSE fleet . This ship was found half built in the Drive Yards, the High Lord was keen to see its firepower so he ordered to finish construction. Only the Lord's relatives are allowed to command this ship. Its firepower is similar to the TSS Hon but not equal and it's smaller.

Ship can be destroyed if heavily outnumbered so also needs a support fleet.

Cargo(army): 2,750,000 troops

170,000 armour(vehicles)

Secutor Super Star Carrier Edit

Secutor class

Length: 25,000m

Speed: 1000G

Weapons: 100,000 heavy turbolasers

50,000 turbolasers

300,000 point defence

300 ion cannons

30 tractor beams

Crew: 510,000

Gunners: 3,000

Shields: 11,000,000

Hangar capacity: 15,000,000 fighters

Bio: The fourth largest ship in the KSE fleet. Capable of carrying millions of star fighters due to its oversized hangar bays making it the largest carrier ever built. The ship is a super ship but acts as a support ship as it does not hold the firepower to decimate fleets like the Bellator or the Eclipse do. It was designed by the Galactic Empire but was never put in production line. Following the recolonisation of Kuat Drive Yards, the blueprints were recovered in the 'Secret Ships File' and there the ship met its existence.

Cargo(army): 8,000,000 troops

1,000,000 armour(vehicles)

KSE Fighters Edit

Tie fighter

Tie fighter

Tie Interceptor

Tie interceptor

Tie Advanced

Tie Advanced

Tie bomber

Tie Bomber

Tie defender

Tie Defender

Tie hunter

Tie Hunter

Tie phantom

Tie Phantom

Tie reaper

Tie Reaper

KSE Ships and Corvettes Edit

Harrower class destroyer (Mostly used) Edit

Harrower Class Dreadnaught

Length: 4,000m

Speed: 1200G

Weapons: 4,000 heavy turbolasers

3,000 turbolasers

3,500 point defence

50 ion cannons

10 tractor beams

Crew: 400,000

Gunners: 1,500

Shields: 4,000,000

Hangar capacity: 700,000 fighters

Venator II

Venator Mark 2 (Mostly used) Edit

Length: 4,000m

Speed: 1200G

Weapons: 6,000 heavy turbolasers

5,000 turbolasers

5,500 point defence

70 ion cannons

10 tractor beams

Crew: 400,000

Gunners: 2,000

Shields: 4,500,000

Hangar capacity: 800,000 fighters

Predator class

Predator class Destroyer (Mostly used) Edit

Length: 5,000m

Speed: 1,100G

Weapons: 8,000 heavy turbolasers

7,000 turbolasers

3,000 point defence

85 ion cannons

20 tractor beams

Crew: 475,000

Gunners: 2,750

Shields: 6,000,000

Hangar capacity: 500,000 fighters

Nebula Star Destroyer Edit


Length: 2,000m

Speed: 1,400G

Weapons: 3,000 heavy turbolasers

2,500 turbolasers

200 point defence

10 ion cannons

0 tractor beams

Crew: 200,000

Gunners: 1,000

Shields: 4,000,000

Hangar capacity: 30,000

MC80 Class Cruiser Edit

Mc 80 star cruiser

Length: 3,000m

Speed: 2,750G

Weapons: 4,000 heavy turbolasers

3,500 turbolasers

1,000 point defence

2,000 ion cannons

6 tractor beams

Crew: 230,000

Gunners: 1,100

Shields: 6,500,000

Hangar capacity: 70,000 fighters

KDY Raider Class Corvette Edit

Length: 800m

Speed: 3,000G

Kdy raider class corvette

Weapons: 400 turbolasers

100 point defence

60 ion cannons

1 tractor beams

Crew: 750

Gunners: 200

Shields: 300,000

Hangar capacity: 50 fighters

Spearhead class corvette Edit

Length: 750m


Speed: 3,000G

Weapons: 300 turbolasers

150 point defence

10 ion cannons

0 tractor beams

Crew: 600

Gunners: 230

Shields: 100,000

Hangar capacity: 52 fighters

KSE Armed Forces Edit

Korriban Royal Army (KRA) Edit

Armoured Vehicle

Armoured vehicle

Main Plasma Tank

Main tank

Anti-Infantry Tank

Anti infantry tank

Missile Artillery Battery

Heavy missile tank

Infantry Transport

Infantry transport

Super-heavy Plasma Tank

Super heavy plasma tank

Hell-fire Missile Devastator

Missile devestator

Korriban High Navy (sea)(KHN) Edit

Sakuya class Battleship

Ship class

Patrol Cruiser

Patrol cruiser
Shark class Submarine

Hawk class Battleship

Battle ship

Korriban Grand Air Force (KGAF) Edit

GR-36 Attack Helicopter



FIGURE-004468 02

Hammerhead Gunship


Heavy Gunship

Spaceship 001 by ortsmor-d7rtn4a


Ah 80 wip 01 by venom800tt

Super Machines Edit

Megamaser Tank Edit

Super tank

Height: 15km

Armour: Titanium(3 layers)

Weapons: 1 Plasma laser

250 artillery guns

300 machine guns

4 missile batteries

Crew: 100

Gunners: 250

Bio: The first super prototype ever designed by the KSE. In the on going war against the Skull Empire, the KSE design the Megamaser tank to make ground invasions easier and to keep the peace and order once the planet is taken. A moving HQ and an indestructible planet devastator makes its enemies obsolete.

Helicarrier Edit

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Length: 800m

Speed: 2000 G

Weapons : 400 long ranged cannons

400 anti air guns

Crew: 200

Gunners: 390

Hangar capacity: 20,000 fighters

Army Ranks Edit

Overall Leaders Edit

High Lord Paxus

Lord Bruna and Lord Smith

High General Rawlinson(land)

High Captain Haig(space)

High Commander Lawson(sea)

High Air Marshal Peralta (air force)

Space Edit



Fleet Commander:



Land Edit


Field Marshall:

Field Commander:


Sea Edit

Naval Commander:

Naval Captain:

Naval Officer:

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