Born into a wealthy and prominant family, Jason entered into the naval Academy at age 13. From this he would be raised and educated to be a military leader. Although during most of his educational carreer he was a toublsome youth. To the point he almost got kicked out of the Trussian Naval Academy on several occasions. But none the less he went of with his education and at the age at the age of 22 he graduated, but he himself was the bottom of his class. MAny of his Instructors with his later years always meantion how violent and unpredictable he was.  Later as he entered into his naval career, Jason wuickly rose to the rank of Captain.  He was given command of the Starship the 125 Meter vessel TSS Holo. Whch he would be command of for the next 3 years, only to have his ship crash into a moon during the battle of Coru Moon. This would lead to four more years of him as a Captain of various ship only tho have most of them destroyed and damaged beyond repair. He gained a reputation within the Trussian Navy as violent and agressive, doing whatever it takes to defeat the enemy and gain victory.  This got to the point where other Admirals voted to court marshal him. Only to have the Trial out voted and overturned by Grand Admirl Augutus Coran. Grand Admiral Coran saw potential within Jason and took him under his wing. Six years later Jason Carithian has become Vice Admiral of the Trussian 85th Fleet. He now commands the Trussian Molevolence Class Dreadnought the TSS Misery.


Jason Carithian can be seen within a Black Naval Uniform, with a Gold Tripped Phoenix ensignia.  He has a Pistol on his right side with a Sword on his left.


Jason Carithian is extremly agressive and violent within combat, he will go to the point of not return and take any length to win.  After becoming a Vice Admiral he is much more focused, but still agressive and a very dangerous individual.