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Haig is Paxus' 'brother' and one of the Overall Leaders in the KSE. They met at the age of three weeks. They made a brother-pact between and had each others backs since then.

During the Korriban Civil War, Haig was Paxus' second in command, main adviser and a hero towards the innocent. Launched many offensives all with a success ending. In his career and reputation, never has he lost a fight and never has he lost a battle. When the KSE was formed Paxus made him High Captain of all space forces due to his intelligence and tactical skills gaining his nickname the 'Tactical Master' also gaining a place in the Overall Leaders of the military council.

Haig's Ship Edit

Ascendancy Star Destroyer Edit


KSE Minotaur

Length: 4,500


Weapons: 7,000 dual-megamasers

5,000 megamasers

500 point defence

3 tractor beams

Crew: 210,000

Gunners: 950

Shields: 5,000,000

Hangar capacity: 30,000

Bio: The Ascendancy Star Destroyer was designed by Haig. Using the new weapon technology, makes the ship unique and the only star destroyer using megamasers tech. The ship is heavily armoured, suitable for raming other ships gaining it's name the 'Minotaur'. It's the only ship in its existence( the designs are kept at a military research base).

Rank and Command Edit

High Captain: Commands all of space forces. From a fighter to a full on battle station. Part of the job is to maintain space control and escort all ships travelling through the Empire. If anything bad happens in space, the High Captain is held responsible especially during a war.

Haig has personal command of a fleet named 'Mayhem Star Fleet' ,one of the most powerful fleets in the KSE. Each ship chosen by Haig himself. All experienced commanders.

Weapons Edit

Sword of Hastings


MOR-94 Hammer