Empire of the Rising sun is a subsidary faction of the Cazathan Armed Forces


About Edit

Lore Edit

A dominant Faction rises out of the Japanese Shogunate. An Army composed of Robots and Warriors carried advanced technology. Under the Leadership of Commander Kenji Tenzai. He entrusts the Tech to Andres and knew he would trust him.

Arsenal Edit

Buildings Edit

  • Core Generator
  • Ore Refinery
  • Warrior Dojo
  • Mech Bay
  • Imperial Sea Docks
  • Nanotech Generator
  • High Battle Lab

Defenses Edit

  • Fortress Wall
  • Tri-Force Cannon
  • Wave Cannon
  • Nano-Swarm Generator
  • Psionic Cannon

Infantry Edit

  • Imperial Soldier
  • Tankbuster
  • Scientist
  • Archer
  • Rocket Angel
  • Mind Commando

Vehicles, Vessels and Aircraft Edit

  • Tsunami Tank
  • Ore Collector
  • Sudden Transport
  • Mecha Tengu/ Jet Tengu
  • Paw Walker/ Paw Chopper
  • Mobile Construction Vehicle
  • Sea Wing/ Sky Wing