Dol-ran Coalition

Trussian Galactic Flag
The Dol-ran Coalition was the united miitary alliance of the Trussia galaxy made up of its three primary galactic powers of the Trussia United Union, Tri-on Federation, and the Croshan Confederacy. It was established during the closing days of the Trussia/Black Skull Empire War  in order to establish security and mutual defense.

Coalition Doctrine

Under the Coalition Doctrine, each member has agreed to mutual defense and expansion of the allied members territory. Each member is to uphold honor and freedom and to destroy any threat upon them of any allied member.
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Coalition Forces

Trussian Forces

  • Coalition Flag Ship: Trussian Capitol Class Battle Cruiser, TSS Blade Runner
  • Primary Commander: Augustus Coran
    ARC170 ICS
  • Fleets: Trussian United Navy 80th Battle group and 35th fleet
  • 30 Trussian Imperial Class Star Destroyers
  • 25 Venerator Class Starfighter Carriers
  • 45 Hammer Head Escort Destroyers
  • 13,000 Starfighters/Bombers
  • 785 Arc-170's
  • 300,000 Ground Troops of the Trussias 34th, 35th, and 36th Expeditionary Forces
  • 12,000 tanks and ground support vehicles
  • 2 Malevolence Class Dreadnoughts
  • 12 Medical Frigates
  • 10 Saber Class Light Support Cruisers
  • 15 Y-wing Strike Bombers

Tri-on Federation Forces

  • Tri-on Fleet Commander: Captain Jarkan
  • 60 Sling Shot Class Saucers
  • 20 Inferno Class Heavy Saucers
  • 80 Micro Class Fighters
  • 20 Inferno Variant-D Starfighter Carriers
  • 2 Baltic Class Star Destroyers

Croshan Confederacy Forces

  • 45 Croshan Star Destoyers
  • 30 Heavy Troop Tranports
  • 25 Heavy Medical Tranports
  • 45,000 Ground Troops
  • 10,000 Droid Fighters
  • 3,000 Droid Infantry/Artillery units
  • 5 Starfighter Carriers
  • 12 Croshan Merchant Marine Cruisers/Tranports.