Hoe Trussia's main Continenet.

After the 700 Years War Trussia rose in a new peace effort and from that a newly reformed government and Army. From the new Government and Military formed 5 new states and defense districts to stricken their grip on Law and to uphold order throughout the country.

The way Trussia keeps the law is to use strict force, Discipline, and to teach its citizens to respect and help one another from early age. This is why everyone is required for Military Service later on, this allows for a fellowship of Comradery and a tight family and brotherly bond. Then upon that all must work for the system and the more one works and contributes then to more one gets in return for their works and service. In Trussian there are laws for Muching, stealing, and be a sloth as one of the seven Deadly sins.

Educations is also mandatory for everyone the help make People and Pups productive and get them along the right path in life. Several thing are looked down upon such as T.S.F Police can arrest gangs on the street for no reason. This is because from time and Time again a Gang intentions will lead to crime. TRussian Research Institution have proven this so instead most youths are encouraged to join Sport groups and Clubs for a better environment.

Defense DistrictsEdit

The Districts are developed to keep a tighter grip on the Law and Defense within the Country.  The Country has five defense Districts each given a Police and Military Commander to keep in check the Garrisons to patrol and protect the area assigned.

The StatesEdit

After the War the States were created to expand Political Freedom and for the Dawning of a new era. In total there are about five states four the country that are split into the Middle, North, West,  East, and South.  Each have a Capital City a Govenor and Military and Police Garrisons.

State1: Capitol

Location: Middle of the Main Continent

Primary Cities: The Trussian Capitol

Main Purposes: Covernment, Military Command, and Various Industries.

State2: Takotas Empire

Location: Western Area

Primary Cities: Psari-Hon, Antioch, and the Island City of Rouge.

Main Purposes: Classified.

Govenors Edit

This is a list of Govenors of each of the 5 states.

State 1.

State 2.

State 3.

State 4.

State 5.

Districts Edit

Trussia on its main world have 5 Military districts, the moons surrounding Trussian world are also 5 districts and the entire Galaxy has 10 Districts making for 20 in total for Military defense operations.

Colonies Edit

The area Trussia Rules.