History Edit

The Confederate Alliance was a governmental faction created in opposition to the Trussian Empire and its Imperial Republic. The Confederate Alliance was founded by former Military General and Senator Cornelious Val-Darro, an individual who becamce fed up with the massive and heavy governmental regulations.  In such he and his political party the Loyalists, soon rallied their planets together in opposition to the Trussian Monarchy and its senate.  Their leader Cornelious Val-Darro soon established his capitol and Tylo Prime within the outter Core systems of Trussian Territory.  Within this they soon formed a government and a formal army, navy, and starfight core. although not as large as Trussian Forces, the C.A.M (Confederate Alliance Military) was comprised of well trained reserve forces whe their planets were apart of the Trussian Empire. In such may of the Confederate Allaince Planets had varois factories, foudaries, and ship yards. In which this meant they could maufacture and sustain a well sized military incase of invasion.

Trussias Response to the Cofederate Alliance was not taken well in which the Trussia Senate voted in heavy sanctions against Allaince, although this did little. Due to may of these planets had their own industries an could sustain themselves from outside trade. The Trussian Senate in return voted for military actiosn, but this was turned down by Congress as they wished to solved the situation diplomatically. Even though the senate has laready voted the Confederate Allaince a illegal government according to the Trussian Constitution and rules and Union.


Confederate Allaince is a loose confederation and 368 planets united under the leader Cornelious Val-Darro. It has an established parliment under which is lead by a chairmen which oversees a judical, legislature, and an executive branches. Followed by an armed forces and foreign relations branch in order to protect their territory and advance relations among the galactic community. As well as the Confederate Alliance Capitol is on the planet of Tylo Prime as its seat of goverment.

Armed ForcesEdit

The Confederate Alliance as an fully established army, navy, and starfighter core. In which is comprised of millions and well trained soliders of the member planets of the alliance. In which their main fleet is comprised of munificient class starfrigates. Many heavily modified to carry fighters along with troops and supplies in order to support and defend their territorty.
Munificent TCW

Along as the main starfighter utilized by the Confederate Alliance is the TIE Interceptor. Mainly due to the time of their independence the TIE Interceptor was the most easy to manufacter and deploy is vast numbers. Although not as high tech as many Trussian Starfighters is still posses as a significant threat to the Trussian navy. Along with many of the Confederate ground forces is comprised of old and outdated artillery, tanks, and support units,

Tie Interceptor


  • Ton Torra-Military Leader and rebellion founder.