Cazathan Empire is a new Ally to the Trussian Union.


Lower left: Flag of Cazatha Center: Shield of Cazatha

About Edit

Lore Edit

A kingdom North of Adventure bay and Western Part to Takota's Empire. lies the Kingdom of Cazatha. An old empire which is in Turmoil and now Rises again with a new Ruler. and with new allies and Technology. they are a dominating empire

Government Edit

The Government type here is Constitutional Monarchy. and the Leader is a king.

Rulers Edit

  1. Samuel-Former Ruler, Died
  2. Don Juan Kazare-Conqueror& Dictator
  3. Andres-Current
  4. Pedro-De-Facto

Legislative Branch Edit

The Cazathan Senate is the Center of the Legislative Branch. the head leader of the Senate is the Senate President. They build laws and rules for the Cazathan Empire.

Military Edit

The Military of the Cazathan Empire is leading by Andres, High Commander of the Allied, Soviet and the Imperial Forces.

Religion Edit

The Main religion of the Cazathan Empire is Christianity.

Places Edit

Luzon Edit

  • Dreadway Coves
  • Einstein's Spade Base
  • Habazante Province
  • Allied Prior Base

Visayas Edit

  • Magellan's True Cross
  • Choco Hills
  • Soviet Naval Base
  • Zuma's Fortress
  • Cazathan Ninja Village

Mindanao Edit

  • Davao City
  • Cazathan South Capitol
  • El Vicente Laurel's Base
  • Cazathan Christianity Palace