Andres Bonifacio is the Current King of the Cazathan Empire



A new king of the Cazathan Empire. a strong revolutionary and a brave commander of the Allied Forces is a good friend to his subjects and the Paw Patrol


In Pup Form

For References see Andres' page on the PAW PATROL FANON WIKIA.

Human Form

He is a short young man at the age of 11. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a red neckerchief emblazoned with a white 8 ray sun. He wears a Blue Sash with a soviet, yuri and the Imperial Medals. and A Katipunero hat bearing the Allied Emblem.


  • Cazathan Empire Ruler
  • Paw Patrol Member
  • Paw Katipunan Supremo
  • Allied Soldier
  • Ally of the Trussian Armed Forces
  • Supermo Commander of the Cazathan Armed Forces

Things in His Possession


  • Cazathan Crown
  • Paw Patrol Pup Pack
  • Andres' Bolo
  • Paw Patrol Pup Tag


  • Pup Passenger Jeepney- All around ground Vehicle
  • Mission Paw PNP Police Mobile-Mission PAW Vehicle
  • BRP Andres Bonifacio-Naval Flagship
  • BRP Apolinario Mabini-Naval Corvette
  • F4U Corsair Fighter- Personal Fighter Plane
  • ARC-170 Starfighter-Personal Starfighter

Allies and Enemies


  • Paxus
  • Haig
  • Bruna
  • Smith
  • Hankerman
  • Takota
  • Paw Patrol
  • Franco
  • Gabriel
  • Pedro


  • Nathaniel
  • Rom
  • Lane
  • Enemies of Trussia and Korriban

Random Trivia

  • His Notable enemies is the Son Of Darkness, Nathaniel and Chark.
  • He straightened the way for a pup who make amends with: Nathan
  • He wielded and infused his power at the Sword of Korriban
  • He managed to Form a lot of Alliances: Formally the Cazathan-Priderock Alliance