The Allied Forces is an ally military faction of the Kingdom of Cazatha.

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About Edit

Lore Edit

An American Leader named Samuel Paterno participated the Third World War. and became the Titular Commander of the Allied Forces. under the presidency of Howard Ackerman and Miguel Dugan. One Day the Allies are now needing a good and venerable commander. And when an Adviser suggested that Andres will be a good Commander. they accepted

Location Edit

The Allied Headquarters locates at an island somewhere East of the Cazatha Kingdom. and a detachment of the Allied Faction owned by Andres hids and guards the Palace.

Types Edit

Buildings Edit

  • Power Cores
  • Ore Refinery
  • Boot Camp
  • Armory
  • Air Force Command Center
  • Supreme Defense Headquarters
  • Ore Purifier
  • Seaport

Defenses Edit

  • Pill Box
  • Patriot Missile turrets
  • Prism Tower
  • Gap Generator
  • Fortress Wall
  • Chronosphere
  • Proton Cannon
  • Weather Controller

Infantry Edit

  • Peacekeeper
  • Missile man
  • Engineer
  • Spy
  • Sniper
  • Scout
  • Chrono Trooper
  • Cyro Commado
  • Paw Commando

Vehicles, Vessels and Aircraft Edit

  • Grizzly Battle Tank
  • Multigunner IFV
  • Prism Tank
  • Battle Fortress
  • Mirage Tank
  • Mobile Construction Vehicle
  • Hydrofoil
  • Destroyer
  • Dolphin
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Assault Destroyer
  • Harrier
  • Harbringer Gunship
  • Black Hawk